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Steel In Rotation Chaise Long

Future of form

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Height: 55.00 cm21.65 inch

Width: 150.00 cm59.06 inch

Depth: 55.00 cm21.65 inch

Collection Zieta Collection

Color White Matt 9010

Material Steel

* the product is certified with individual number and symbol
* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products

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SIR CHAISE LONGUE is a sculptural object to be long on, a metal variation of popular furniture popularized in 16th-century France. Oskar Zięta brings this Baroque concept into the futuristic dimension of metal usage.

Its calm and streamlined form challenges modern interiors. Bionic construction raises the idea of how we imagine the future world: light, durable, structures of customized applications, produced on demand out of one-of-a-kind parts, yet efficiently.

Future of the future

STEEL IN ROTATION is a complex concept of a new level of possibilities for the FiDU technology. Thanks to a high volumetric expansion ratio and endless scaling, you can have either an architectural construction or a small functional, and durable object. For example, FiDU profiles can have different forms, yet act as one object. Products can take the form of a table, a chair, a sculpture, or a huge pavilion, thanks to their scalability. In the end we receive an artistic, beautiful, yet functional and durable object.


Zieta Collection

Objects shaped with air

The outcome of transdisciplinary design based on experimenting with unique FiDU technology. The Zieta Collection, fresh, new, daring solutions that not only excite but also fire up the imagination, is based on controlled deformation—inflating flat, steel forms with compressed air.

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