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The idea of superiority of permanence over change has been entrenched in European philosophy for a long time, but what if transience is more real than eternity? In the universe, everything changes and tends to entropy. Matter disintegrates, elements combine into new chemical compounds, stars explode, and their light disappears in the abyss of the universe…. 
Rondo 150 Transitions Red Rubin
Rondo 150 Transitions Red Rubin

Rondo Mirror

№ ZET488

12.260,00 €

Tafla O4 Transitions Dark Matter
Tafla O4 Transitions Dark Matter

Tafla O Mirror

№ ZET306

6.490,00 €

Matter of deep colouring

Zieta Studio’s Transitions Collection is the answer to the inevitable and constant striving for change: light becoming shade, colours becoming darkness…. This collection of mirrors is the result of experiments with various shades of transparent lacquers. Applied to polished steel surfaces, they change the minimalist appearance of RONDO, OKO and TAFLA, while maintaining their reflective character.
Tafla C4 Transitions Red Rubin
Tafla C4 Transitions Red Rubin

Tafla C Mirror

№ ZET477

6.490,00 €

Tafla Q2 Transitions Dark Matter
Tafla Q2 Transitions Dark Matter

Tafla Q Mirror

№ ZET316

6.800,00 €

Red Rubin—Interplanetary strolls

Ruby red in the centre and dark, almost black, at the edges, the Red Rubin mirrors allude to the colour of the planet Mars and to one of the most precious cardinal gemstones on the planet Earth, the blood-red ruby. 
Oko 95 Transitions Dark Matter
Oko 95 Transitions Dark Matter

Oko Mirror

№ ZET510

8.350,00 €

Tafla O5 Transitions Red Rubin

Tafla O Mirror

№ ZET469

3.280,00 €

Mirrors in this extravagant and noble colour are gems in their own terms. The mixture of organic shapes with the mineral corundum’s colour gives them the look of giant stones manufactured for the pure joy of looking at them and the mysterious reflections they create.

Dark Matter—Cosmic wonders

A transition between deep dark black colour and transparent lacquer creates an effect of colour dispersion from the edges of the object to its centre. From black, to grey tones, the colour disappears and leaves the way to the pure polished Inox steel. 
Inspired by the remnants of matter circulating in the endless space of the universe, Dark Matter mirrors open the gates to cosmic visions. The Dark Matter mirror reflects and absorbs light at the same time. It is a variation of two basic visual elements: light and darkness.

The Transitions Collection is a numbered edition of mirrors and features RONDO, TAFLA C, TAFLA O, TAFLA Q and OKO in two colours: Red Rubin and Dark Matter.

Helix Nebula

New finishes enrich inox mirrored surfaces of RONDO objects. Helix Nebula gradient refers directly to the cosmic nebula colors. They expand the Transitions Collection, driven by Oskar Zięta's admiration for all things cosmic. The actual Helix Nebula's shades are the real impressions captured throughout different telescopic lenses. They are visible to our human eyes thanks to advanced space technology solutions including James Webb’s discoveries. 


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