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Alchemy of steel and gold

The Aurum Collection is the outcome of Zieta’s experiment with lacquered steel. The polished Inox surface is coated with a semi-transparent lacquer, which covers the object and at the same time uncovers its natural beauty. This is a collection of Zieta Studio’s classic mirrors, such as RONDO and TAFLA, that come in three colours: Light Gold, Classic Gold, and Rose Gold. 

Rondo 95 Aurum Rose Gold
Rondo 95 Aurum Rose Gold

Rondo Mirror

№ ZET653

3.300,00 €

Tafla O4 Aurum Classic Gold
Tafla O4 Aurum Classic Gold

Tafla O Mirror

№ ZET620

2.950,00 €

Tafla C4 Aurum Light Gold

Tafla C Mirror

№ ZET584

2.950,00 €

Tafla Q2 Aurum Rose Gold

Tafla Q Mirror

№ ZET643

3.400,00 €

Colours of elegance and refinement

Classic Gold—Warm extravaganza
A jewel that contemplates the surroundings reflected in its warmth and nobility. The story is hidden in a glossy golden surface that mirrors light with dignity.
Rose Gold—Unconventional subtlety
The surfaces dazzle the spectator with a subtle tone of rosy gold. The unconventional shade delicately accentuates the space and launches a subtle dialogue with the surroundings.

Light Gold—Toned majesty
This is a delicate answer to the colour of traditional gold, perceived as dominating. The cool hue of the polished steel shines through the warm shades of the varnish. Bring it into the light and let the reflections take you on a journey.

Steel mirrors immersed in sun

Both RONDO and TAFLA O mirrors, with their organic natural shapes and jewel-like look, are created for such extravaganza. While some will appreciate the cold elegance of Inox mirrors, some will only value the warmer shade of metal. The three shades of gold resemble real gold but conceal the immaculate purity of stainless steel under a thin layer of noble lacquer.
Golden mirrors for unique interiors
The golden RONDO and TAFLA O mirrors from the Aurum Collection look beautiful as wall decorations in both classic and modern interiors. RONDO as the focal point of the living room above the fireplace or in the bedroom above the bed. TAFLA as a single mirror in the entrance hall or in a group of several forms in various sizes is an unusual addition to an unconventional home.


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