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Steel In Rotation Coffee Table

Energetic bionic form




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STEEL IN ROTATION is a sculptural and architectural concept based on the repetition of steel profiles bent and composed into complex structures. Rotated around their own axis, they create the impression of movement captured in the moment. Playing with perception and three dimensions, they bring to mind large-scale organic forms.

Innovation in technology

STEEL IN ROTATION’s construction evokes the idea of how we imagine the future world: light, durable structures of customized applications, produced on demand from one-of-a-kind parts, yet efficiently. FiDU technology allows us to create such innovative, customized, bionic shapes and produce them in small series, using very efficient production processes. As process designers, we not only aspire to design fabulous forms, but also strive to make them innovative. Our STEEL IN ROTATION coffee table mirrors this mindset and leads to Oskar Zięta’s sculptural interpretation of them all.
inflated steel coffee table by zieta studio
coffee table made of steel by zieta studio
biponic shapes of zieta objects
metal coffe table by zieta studio

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Heat collection

Thermo-colourized objects from the Zieta Collection in two rare colours: Flamed Gold and Cosmic Blue. Oskar Zięta used the natural properties of steel and, through his research, led to development of a technology using high temperature to colourize metal surfaces. 

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coffee table made of steel

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