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Our team

Who we are

We are process designers who experiment with advanced methods of forming metal. Led by Oskar Zięta, we push the boundaries between technology, art, and design.
We at Zieta Studio are a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, engineers, and technologists. We design processes whose outcomes are out-of-the-ordinary collections of objects, public sculptures, and functional collectible forms that deceive the senses with their unusual shapes and qualities. Extensive research and experiments with metals lead us to achieve unpredictable results and uncover forms that are real but out of this world. We set our own rules and create visions for the future.

Inflated steel objects made with the FiDU technology are our flagship. We transform metal sheets into tridimensional wonders, never ceasing to challenge ourselves and the material for constant progress.
We are futurists. Strong believers that with a certain engagement our technology can reach the stars. What else is needed in the Universe than ultralight, durable objects? What do we need more in an aging society than ultralight, durable and stable objects? What do we need more in sustainable development than durable, monomaterial, recyclable objects?
So here we are.
Zieta Studio—ready to shape the future.


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