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Winter with Zieta Studio

Wonderful Time of Year
December is unique. It is a glowing time, especially when you are based in Central Europe, as we are. Twinkling snowflakes introduce a romantic, cozy mood. Then we all start to think of Christmastime. At Zieta Studio, we love highlighting our tiny home accessories, which bring this coziness indoors.

photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Triglav photo: Weronika Trojanowska

We let it blow, let it grow, let it glow!

Ambient Lights
Wintertime invites us home. Grab a cup of pumpkin spice latte, and jump under your favourite blanket. To fill this enticing atmosphere of relaxation takes a certain ambient lighting. It is the right time to launch our newest Zieta Lamps. The collection focuses on the look, emotions, and shapes of light. Joining our technological studies with the fascination for reflections—in a new light. To brighten the beauty of every moment.

photo: Weronika Trojanowska

FiDU Star photo: Rafał Ciemny

IGLAK and FiDU STAR—we call them both huge studies encased in little objects. Despite the coolness of their steel surface, they always warm the heart. The shapes unconsciously evoke thoughts of the Christmas holiday season. 

Iglak photo: Rafał Ciemny

They can also be used in broader interior contexts. Just like PIN and its wall constellations. Similarly, IGLAK is an object from the garden, while FiDU STAR will look fantastic in a child’s room.

Triglav photo: Kacper Miodek

Parova Vase photo: Kuba Marciniak

Convexity and sharp cuts
The PAROVA vase maintains a glossy dialogue between convexity and sharp cuts. The combination of those two narratives leads to a simple conclusion: functionality. The PAROVA vase is an addition to modern interiors and performs a supporting role in flower exposition. It is heavy enough to live up to the most ambitious visions of florists, but at the same time so non-invasive that it challenges the creators to give it various additional meanings.
Transcendence of movement

BOLID is a unique mirror object and sculpture. The dynamic form of the streamlined longboard symbolizes movement and adds a futuristic dimension to the concept of transportation. Its functional form serves as a point of departure for a purely decorative objective. BOLID can be hung from or leaned against the wall, where it opens the narrative of the reflective power of polished steel. The minimalistic and pure form makes it a perfect fit for modern interiors with dynamic contexts.

Bolid photo: Design in Pictures

Karava Vase photo: Kacper Miodek

Nonlinear reflections

KARAVA is an art piece itself. Beyond its functionality as a vase, it is a self-defined object. Its appearance is characterized by stability and durability. A non-linear surface reflects the light, which makes KARAVA a dynamic mirror for its surrounding space. 

HOT HEART is a DIY small steel accessory created by seam-welding two sheets of metal. The user receives the product flat packed and sealed with our secret potion locked inside. At a temperature of 200ºC, it transforms from a flat two-dimensional object, gaining a bulbous three-dimensional form. This way, anyone can bake their own DIY heart at home.

Hot Heart photo: Rafał Ciemny

Bolid photo: Ernest Wińczyk

Wonderful Mirror Colours
Colour is a fascinating chapter in dialogues with metal surfaces. The polished surfaces of Zieta metal mirrors have a mesmerizing magnetism. They seduce viewers into the spectacle of reflections, mirroring the surroundings. 

Tafla C Mirror photo: Weronika Trojanowska

The Red Rubin and the Emerald change their depth of colour depending on the ambience. The White Matte enchants with a lack of reflection. All of them tell multiple stories about our fascinations with metal, reflections, art, and design.

Must see events

Zieta Studio at ICFF

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

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