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Parova Vase

Convexity and sharp cuts



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Convexity and sharp cuts

The PAROVA vase maintains a glossy dialogue between convexity and sharp cuts. The combination of those two narratives leads to a simple conclusion: functionality. The PAROVA vase is an addition to modern interiors and performs a supporting role in flower exposition. It is heavy enough to live up to the most ambitious visions of florists, but at the same time so non-invasive that it challenges the creators to give it various additional meanings.
 vases by zieta studio made of inflated steel

PAROVA’s unobvious narrative

A detail is what makes interiors complete. In the Zieta Studio team, we believe that seemingly mundane objects can complete the story concealed in space. Following this narrative, we have created the PAROVA vase, which boldly stands out as a guard of simplicity made of stainless steel (Inox).
objects by zieta studio

The faithfulness of Zieta Studio’s relationship with the constant transformation of metal results in the artistic act of creating a fundamental belief in the freedom of the material to self-determination. The object acts in its own manner, maintaining a natural glowing beauty whose curved surface reflects the surroundings. PAROVA vases, as one of those objects, have the immanent potential of reflecting the nature that encircles or even fulfils it.

Parova Tables

It is a continuation of the series of PAROVA objects with the characteristic geometric basis of monoliths. The optically massive, tube-like legs are hollow inside. PAROVA objects, thanks to their expressive form, are modern sculptures and functional interior elements.
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steel objects by zieta studio

rondo mirror and parova table

PAROVA COFFEE TABLES as a set have a simple but lively form, reminiscent of a plant organism suited to the terrain. Independent, but it attracts attention by combining a strong table leg with a light top.
parova console in white colour

accessories made of steel by zieta studio

coffee tables set by zieta studio

Parova Console

The PAROVA CONSOLE is an object defined by its characteristic solid cylindrical base. It merges two opposites: cold steel and warm wood. The powder-coated or polished steel is combined with personalized tabletops, forming an object that decorates and elevates charismatic interiors. It is distinguished by a solid base with a sculptural, organic character. 
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Aurum Collection

The Aurum Collection is the outcome of Zieta’s experiment with lacquered steel. The polished Inox surface is coated with a semi-transparent lacquer, which covers the object and at the same time uncovers its natural beauty.


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