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Zieta Illustrated

G-Table photo: Karol Banach

We believe that illustrations have a soul. They contain interwoven and multidimensional stories about lines, colours, and emotions.

At Zieta Studio, on a daily basis we combine disciplines—art, design, engineering, and technology. In this interdisciplinarity, we are strongly committed to promote the quality and greatness of Polish creators around the world. Therefore, we initiated the Zieta Illustrated project, whose goal is to support young artists, combine disciplines, and tell stories together.

Rondo Mirror photo: Joanna Gniady

Crash Vase photo: Kuba Ferenc

We like challenges and we like to connect. 

We invited illustrators to collaborate who, like us, share a passion for giving a new dimension to curves. Our objects deformed in steel have been subjected to individual interpretations. And their multi-threaded dimensions are framed in stories about the power of images.

Plopp photo: Ada Jarzębowska

G-Console photo: Ola Dobrzyńska

Tafla O Mirror photo: Kuba Ferenc

The works, printed in large formats, are part of an exhibition concept that will premiere at this year’s Warsaw Home fair at PTAK Expo.

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Bolid photo: Karol Banach

J-Chair photo: Katarzyna Bogucka

A pre-launch showing of the project was held at the Renoma shopping centre in Wrocław, where Katarzyna Bogucka aka Nioska translated the story of the architectural J-CHAIR into her own oval lines.

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J-Chair for Jerke Museum photo: Rafał Ciemny

Ultraleggera Chair photo: Iza Dudzik

While working on the project, we fondly recalled the Usiądź po polsku (Sit down in Polish) initiative, which was part of a project implemented during the celebrations of the European Capital of Culture 2016 in Wrocław. At that time, Oskar Zięta created the informal IDP group (Initiative of Lower Silesian Designers) to design the interior of the Barbara Bar, giving it the function of an educational centre, exhibition and training space, and ECC office, and creating a showcase of Polish design.

Plopp photo: Ada Jarzębowska

Fidu Alphabet photo: Marian Misiak

The IDP group included the typographer Marian Misiak, who had previously collaborated creatively with Zięta. This collaboration was a prelude to the current scale of the Zieta Illustrated project. In 2014, Misiak created illustrations for a publication about the 3+ furniture system. Marian Misiak co-created the FiDU Alphabet with Oskar (a deformed steel version of Zięty’s letters) and the Maria1 font based on their shape.

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We enjoy cross-sector collaborations. Interesting fusions of skills are found in projects such as the TAFLA O Nectar and BOLID—objects on which the world-famous illustrator James Jean engraved his works.

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Tafla O Mirror photo: Maciej Polak

Another interesting allusion to illustrated stories is the ULTRALEGGERA animation about the world’s lightest chair.

Ultraleggera Chair photo: Edgar Bąk

The following artists participated in this year’s edition of Zieta Illustrated: Karol Banach, Edgar Bąk, Katarzyna Bogucka, Ola Dobrzyńska, Iza Dudzik, Kuba Ferenc, Joanna Gniady, Ada Jarzębowska, Agata Królak, Marian Misiak, Anna Niemierko, Maciej Polak, and Asia Wójtowicz. 

Chippensteel Chair photo: Joanna Gniady

Karava Vase photo: Asia Wójtowicz

Sonar Mirror photo: Anna Niemierko

May the project's fruits be a testament to the potential of Polish creators and a source of inspiration for further exploration of art, emotions, and colours.

Hot Heart photo: Agata Królak

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