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Multidimensional hero



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Height: 300.00 cm0.00 inch

Width: 300.00 cm0.00 inch

Depth: 6.00 cm2.36 inch

Collection Gradient Collection

Color Gradient Emerald/Sapphire

Material Inox

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Multidimensional hero

NUCLEUS—a multi-element mirror, a sculpture, and an art installation. Made of Inox colourized stainless steel using FiDU technology, it is one of the statement objects in Oskar Zięta’s oeuvre.
elegant metal design piece made of stainless steel in interior design setting

Circled journey

NUCLEUS is a juxtaposition of triangular shapes forming an ideal circle. Although its name refers to the realm of the organic world ( the cell structure of living organisms), its form was inspired rather by the cultural heritage of a nimbus. The juxtaposition of dynamic, even aggressive, geometric forms with the soft and regular shape of the circle creates a terrific effect. Additionally, the elements of the coloured structure change their hue gradually, from emerald green to sapphire blue shades from the Gradient Collection.
ein Stahlsockel für Tisch, Nucleus Skulptur und Ploop Hocker im minimalistischen Interieur

Experiencing hues

The striking visual outcome of NUCLEUS is the result of Zięta’s experiments with applying layers of colour coating on the surface of the polished steel. He managed to maintain the reflecting nature of metal and mix it with deep and strong colours.
inox spiegel dekoration im innenraum

A frequenter

NUCLEUS is a sculpture-like mirror or a mirror-like sculpture, therefore as a Zieta Studio object was exhibited i.e. in Line Park - an integrated platform of home life and art fashion located in “Dongxin He Chuang Yuan” in Hangzhou and during the Design China in Beijing.

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Aurum Collection

The Aurum Collection is the outcome of Zieta’s experiment with lacquered steel. The polished Inox surface is coated with a semi-transparent lacquer, which covers the object and at the same time uncovers its natural beauty. 


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