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Dialogue of art and architecture




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Height: 76.00 cm29.92 inch

Width: 53.00 cm20.87 inch

Depth: 74.00 cm29.13 inch

Weight: 5.20 kg11.44 lb

Gross dimensions (with packaging)

Height: 80.00 cm31.50 inch

Width: 58.00 cm22.83 inch

Depth: 78.00 cm30.71 inch

Weight: 9.50 kg20.90 lb

Collection Zieta Collection

Color Graphite Grey Matt 7021 Aluminium

Material Aluminum

* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products

The colours visible on the screen may be presented differently depending on your monitor settings and screen resolution. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between the colours you see on the screen and the colours of the actual products.

Dialogue of art and architecture

An expressive FiDU manifesto. A visually strong object, iconic in its character, it sits on a light but durable construction. In a dining or lounge version, J-CHAIR is available in numerous finishes.

The chair was created at the special request of Museum Jerke in Recklinghausen, Germany, the only museum of Polish contemporary art outside of Poland. The inspiration for creation of the J-CHAIR was the architectural form of the museum itself and the composition by Polish painter Władysław Strzemiński Flat Construction (Breakage of a Black Rectangle) (1923). Both give the impression that the composition of the image as well as the design of the building have visible divisions and cuttings.
fidu technology chair by zieta studio


As the J-CHAIR insists on speaking up, we invited Katarzyna “Nioska” Bogucka into this flourishing sphere. We engaged her narrative style—to translate and freeze-frame the J-CHAIR’s complex story in an everyday moment. The little chit-chats bring everyday and extraordinary topics to light—illustratively told by Nioska’s energetic, oval lines. 
ilustrations of j-chair Bogucka

The stories of J-CHAIR serve as a kind of prelude to a new project, Zieta Illustrated, whose first fruits we will see at this year's edition of the Warsaw Home design fair.

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Zieta Collection

The outcome of transdisciplinary design based on experimenting with unique FiDU technology. The Zieta Collection, fresh, new, daring solutions that not only excite but also fire up the imagination, is based on controlled deformation—inflating flat, steel forms with compressed air.

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