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Chippensteel Chair

Tradition and innovation



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Height: 78.00 cm30.71 inch

Width: 46.00 cm18.11 inch

Depth: 60.00 cm23.62 inch

Weight: 7.00 kg15.40 lb

Gross dimensions (with packaging)

Height: 82.00 cm32.28 inch

Width: 50.00 cm19.69 inch

Depth: 69.00 cm27.17 inch

Weight: 10.00 kg22.00 lb

Collection Copper Collection

Color Copper Polished

Material Copper

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Metals dialogue

CHIPPENSTEEL 0.5 is one of many objects designed by Oskar Zięta in the process of controlled deformation, leading to creation of unpredictable forms. As a result, the cool metal gains a soft look and is domesticated as a full-fledged interior theme. Each CHIPPENSTEEL chair contains the uniqueness of the material used: steel, copper, or aluminium.

Tradition and innovation

The latest CHIPPENSTEEL 0.5 is a merger of many experiments, prototypes and design processes. It delights the eye, mixes the senses, and plays with perception. Made of steel, aluminium or copper, its form alludes to upholstered armchairs designed two centuries ago in England. It is a piece of furniture that combines ultra-modern technology with a nod to the rich history of design. A perfect example of combining the FiDU process with craftsmanship. Its two-dimensional form is laser-cut from sheet metal, tightly welded, and then pumped to become a functional, three-dimensional chair.
a steel chair by zieta studio placed in a stylishy designed interior space

Like other objects from the Zieta Studio range, CHIPPENSTEEL 0.5 is a mixture of craftsmanship with knowledge of the values ​​of the material. Thanks to its mirror surface, the chair of polished steel, aluminium or copper reflects light and the surroundings, focusing attention on itself and blending into space. On the other hand, the powder-coated finish emphasizes the chair’s irregular structure and gives it a more modern, industrial character.

Chippensteel Table

The CHIPPENSTEEL TABLE is a flashback to the first work in the internal pressure forming of steel. The object in its form and name carries forward the story started by the CHIPPENSTEEL CHAIR in 2008. The metal narrative is continued by the table legs, and varied by the oak top.

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Copper Collection

We love copper, which is the result of combining the forces of nature and manpower. It is not only a luxury, but according to Zieta, it’s magic. Copper, reflecting the environment around and emanating a unique aura of warmth and generosity, becomes a part of it. 


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