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Sonar Mirror

A wall of mirages



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Height: 182.00 cm71.65 inch

Width: 215.00 cm84.65 inch

Depth: 10.00 cm3.94 inch

Weight: 50.00 kg110.00 lb

Gross dimensions (with packaging)

Height: 100.00 cm39.37 inch

Width: 195.00 cm76.77 inch

Depth: 75.00 cm29.53 inch

Weight: 142.00 kg312.40 lb

Collection Zieta Collection

Color Inox Polished

Material Inox

* the package includes a mounting kit for Sonar
* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products

The colours visible on the screen may be presented differently depending on your monitor settings and screen resolution. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between the colours you see on the screen and the colours of the actual products.

SONAR is a movable, standalone geometric floor object in the form of three interconnected mirror panels. It can act as a partition wall or an artistic sculptural element, transforming an interior into a multi-dimensional story of reflections.

A wall of mirages

Made of polished steel, it beautifully reflects the surroundings and refracts the light, creating interesting visual effects. Its grandeur and bold character make it a perfect addition to large contemporary spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms in private homes, as well as restaurants and hotel lobbies.
lustro sonar zrobione z nadmuchanego metalu za pomocą technologii FIDU
Sonarspiegel aus aufgeblasenem Metall mit FIDU-Technologie
High-class accent
SONAR is not just a mirror. It is a piece of space-defining contemporary design that reflects Zieta Studio’s technological and aesthetic experiments. It is available in many finishes, from polished Inox to colours from the Gradient Collection alluding to the natural hues of minerals: sapphire and emerald. The addition of colour makes it even more intriguing. It acts like a mirror and, at the same time, like a colourful lens transforming reality.
an inflated steel mirror sonar in interior setting
ein aufgeblasenes Stahlspiegelsonar im Innenbereich

Geometric mirrors for moderns interiors

three piece steel mirror by zieta studio

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dmuchane lustra tafla c w jaskrawych kolorach

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lustro zrobione z dmuchanego metalu z zieta studio

Studio's sellection

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