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Triangular aggressive shapes of steel profiles accumulated in an architectural structure of the Concept Space bring to mind icebergs that calmly float through the oceans and then suddenly crash against each other. The mix of dynamism and stability lies at the core of this sculptural pavilion that was designed to be light, easy to transport and durable enough to maintain its qualities during fairs and exhibitions. The Concept Space pavilion is made of inox steel profiles inflated using FiDU, organised in modules that are interconnected with two kinds of knots — one on the inside of a module, formed by four bars, and one on the outside of the module formed by three bars. These joints stabilize the sculpture in all possible directions and simultaneously create an interesting spatial composition. The pavilion’s construction is an innovative combination of strong and durable construction and dynamic relations between its elements that produce a striking visual outcome. An original feature of the structure is that each component is designed in close relation with another one — just like in the natural world, the profiles’ shapes are multiplied and then transformed in the process dictated by their symbiosis. This “chaotic parameter” gives the installation an energetic and powerful aspect.

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