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Bolid Descendent Rekto & Descendent Verto, Oskar Zięta & James Jean

Gallery All is a gallery of hi-end design from Los Angeles, representing Oskar Zięta since 2020. For the second time, the gallery invited a Polish creator of steel objects and sculptures to establish cooperation with James Jean, a Taiwanese-American visual artist who creates paintings and illustrations.
The first object that was the result of the cooperation of both creators was the NECTAR mirror – TAFLA O3, decorated with a delicate engraving based on the graphics of James Jean. Nectar was presented at the All Gallery exhibition as part of the JINGART Beijing 2021 fair. Jean’s work perfectly matched the form of Zięta’s mirror, emphasizing subtle deformations on its edges. The softness of the drawing preserved in hard steel breaks the surface of the mirror into fractal forms and creates an exciting juxtaposition of two sensitivities. The world of lush flora and fauna with exotic flowers, fleshy leaves and tropical birds are captured in an oval, steel mirror shape. The illustration was engraved on the inox steel surface – thin lines perfectly correspond to the irregular shape of TAFLA O3 and its shiny surface.
A continuation of the cooperation of a well known Polish designer with a comic artist and painter living and working in Los Angeles is the creation of another extraordinary work, which consists of a diptych of steel BOLIDs with an intricately engraved drawing. The graphic shows a boy surrounded by lush flora. A descendant is eternally falling from the sky. As long as he is dreaming, he is safe, his journey through the atmosphere is softened and lifted by the petals of giant flowers. There is no land, only an endless sky sticking out of his imagination. However, if he wakes up, he will collide head-on with the plant reality. It drifts in the eternal fall of sleep. He is not Asian enough for Asia and not American enough for America. He just flows between, thus metaphorizing a cultural shipwrecked person.
 This year diptych will also be presented by JINGART.


Bolid Descendent Rekto & Descendent Verto, Oskar Zięta & James Jean

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