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Tafla C Mirror

Angular droplets

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2.950,00 €

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Height: 100.00 cm39.37 inch

Width: 50.00 cm19.69 inch

Depth: 6.00 cm2.36 inch

Gross dimensions (with packaging)

Height: 114.00 cm44.88 inch

Width: 75.00 cm29.53 inch

Depth: 18.00 cm7.09 inch

Collection Aurum Collection

Color Aurum Classic Gold

Material Inox

* the package includes a mounting kit for Tafla C
* the product is certified with individual number and symbol
* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products

The colours visible on the screen may be presented differently depending on your monitor settings and screen resolution. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between the colours you see on the screen and the colours of the actual products.

Sharpened droplets

TAFLA C is an avant-garde interpretation of a drop of water. Objects from the C series have expressive, characteristic contours that provoke the senses and reflections of light. The irregular deformation at the edges is unique because it is caused by the free deformation of the metal under air pressure. These are stories about reflections, and stories of reflections in individual objects and constellations.

Unrepeatable constellations

TAFLA C can act as a single object or a unique constellation, composed of a dedicated wall. Uniqueness is inherent in the unrepeatable TAFLA’s convexity at the edges, as well as the object’s composition. TAFLA C constellates best with TAFLA O, subtly dialoguing with the exposed surface.

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Tafla series

Tafla O4 Gradient Emerald/Sapphire
Tafla O4 Gradient Emerald/Sapphire

Tafla O Mirror

№ ZET148

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Tafla IQ Inox Polished
Tafla IQ Inox Polished

Tafla IQ Mirror

№ ZET084

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Tafla C4 Transitions Red Rubin
Tafla C4 Transitions Red Rubin

Tafla C Mirror

№ ZET477

6.490,00 €

Tafla Q2 Aurum Light Gold

Tafla Q Mirror

№ ZET589

3.400,00 €

Zieta Constellations

The objects that constitute the ZIETA universe function not only as independent works of art, but take on a stellar dimension when arranged together in larger sets. Bounded by common gravity and revolving along mutual orbits, they can create astonishing compositions. The closeness between the elements enlivens the steel surfaces with luminous interactions that multiply reflections and refract lights. They have been codified, dimensioned and laid out on standard walls to facilitate the choice of the best composition for your interior. 

Zieta Mirrors

Zieta Studio objects transgress the border between art and technology. They reflect Oskar Zięta’s research on the physical qualities of steel. The uneven surfaces with artistic deformations provoke our eyes, forcing us to look at reality from a different perspective. Optically subtle, they encompass a cutting-edge technique of treating metal in which sustainability plays a key role. They are sculpture-like mirrors and mirror-like sculptures. Collectible objects made to last for generations.

Tafla Family

TAFLA metal mirrors come in numerous shapes and sizes: from large round mirrors to geometric smaller sculptural forms. TAFLA O, TAFLA C and TAFLA Q are artistic variations of the same concept of creating a decorative sculptural mirror out of inflated steel using the FiDU technology. Some of them are characterized by a minimalist simplicity and respect for proportions, while some are distinguished by a soft line of organic form. There is such a diversity that arranging them together is reminiscent of storytelling. Will it be a story of water drops or pieces of shattered glass immortalized on the wall? It is a question of space and imagination.
Tafla O
Tafla mirrors are a series of common geometric forms with a sophisticated twist. Their bionic shapes were inspired by drops of water, piles of stones, pieces of wood and shards of rock. They can be arranged in multiple sets that give another dimension to an interior and create a unique story on the wall.
Tafla Q

Zieta Studio’s “free deformation” process of creation results in Tafla’s extravagant elegance, which emphasizes the true nature of metal. The aim was to facilitate a geometric irregularity that exudes calm.
Tafla IQ

TAFLA Mirrors Modular Series Reflective wall sculptures


Personalized objects


With additional fee Tafla mirror can be painted in any RAL colour of your chosing. Personalized laquered coloring is also possible but it will not be considered as limited. 


Our products can be enriched with custom engraving, be it dedication or an artwork.
You can see examples of fine cooperation here:
James Jean Collab →  

State of art

In collaboration with artists we create unique objects. One of a kind engraving, colorization or even form requires commitment and dedication from all side.
More about possibilities here:
Custom order →  

Commission custom object


Gradient Collection

Strong character and deep colour

The Gradient Collection combines exceptional depth and unparalleled reflections of the colourized surfaces. Soft transitions between colours provide viewers intense visual experiences. A change of point of view leads to a change in colour perception.


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Triglav 83 Inox Polished


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Drab Hanger Gradient Sapphire
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