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Height: 75.00 cm29.53 inch

Width: 35.00 cm0.00 inch

Gross dimensions (with packaging)

Height: 81.00 cm31.69 inch

Width: 58.00 cm22.83 inch

Depth: 58.00 cm22.83 inch

Collection Heat Collection

Color Heat Cosmic Blue

Material Steel

* material: steel
* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products

Thermal coloring alters the physical structure of metal, no matter if it is carbon or stainless steel. In the natural process similar to oxidizing copper, stainless steel may be subject to visual changes on the surface. This shall be considered as a natural maturing of the material. Like the process of inflating metal with air provides unique, unrepeatable shapes, oxidizing paints the surface with individual patterns. Oxidized stainless steel is not a subject to complaint. Gold colored products from The Heat collection can be transparent-lacquered to prevent oxidizing. This is an extra service.

The colours visible on the screen may be presented differently depending on your monitor settings and screen resolution. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between the colours you see on the screen and the colours of the actual products.


The PLOPP stool is a flagship of Zieta Studio and a symbol of Oskar Zięta’s research into the properties and possibilities of metal. The “Polish Air-Pumped Folk Object” proves how the artistic aspects of the design can be summarized in highly advanced engineering forms. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2008, the German Design Council Award 2008, and the Forum AID Award 2009. PLOPP is a manifesto of the FiDU technology and the “controlled loss of control” process. Two ultra-thin steel sheets are welded together around their edges and inflated under high pressure, deforming a 2.5D flat form into a 3D object. 

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PLOPP family

Plopp Mini Inox Polished
Plopp Mini Inox Polished


№ ZET018

455,00 €

Plopp Standard Heat Flamed Gold
Plopp Standard Heat Flamed Gold


№ ZET160

1.134,00 €

Plopp Kitchen Heat Cosmic Blue
Plopp Kitchen Heat Cosmic Blue


№ ZET179

1.560,00 €

Plopp Bar White Glossy 9003
Plopp Bar White Glossy 9003


№ ZET185

860,00 €

Zieta inflated steel Plopp stool inox

Values manifesto

Thanks to this unique technique of metal forming, Oskar Zięta’s PLOPP is light and durable. It meets the premises of sustainable development and production in three fundamental dimensions. First, it’s monomaterial, and therefore complies with the monomaterial thinking in its broad recyclable potential.

Zieta's values 
Zieta Plopp stool heat gold standing on floor

Plopp stool made from inflated steel could be 100% recycled, with a slight loss of material quality. Secondly, it is durable and long-lasting - meaning, can​ serve for generations keeping consumption on a responsible level, and investing in goods won't vanish so quickly. In the end ultralightness - or so-called lightweight index optimization which is considered as literal lightweights - PLOPP is empty inside. And lightness manifested in the virtual dimension. FiDU technology allows creation in steel, copper or aluminum.


Copper Collection

Seductive finesse of colours

 We love copper, which is the result of combining the forces of nature and manpower. It is not only a luxury, but according to Zieta, it’s magic. Copper, reflecting the environment around and emanating a unique aura of warmth and generosity, becomes a part of it.  


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