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Zieta Studio at the Salone del Mobile. Milano 2024


Fiera Milano, Rho

Light, ultralightness, and sustainability.

This year, during the 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano design fair, we will bring new objects into the light - literally. The most recent additions to our sustainable Zieta Collection - lighter and brighter, will await your closer look this spring in Italy. A week of experiencing colors, forms and inspiring discussions about a sustainable future starts on April 16, 2024, in Rho Fiera Milano.

16th - 21st April 2024
Hall 14 | Booth E37
Fiera Milano, Rho

photo: Krzysztof Bobrowic

Objects not only to sit on

The chair is one of the leading symbols of design. This will certainly be confirmed by creators who face the challenge of designing a stable seat. Manifesting his many years of research into the properties of metal in the form of PLOPP (Polish People’s Object Pumped with Air), Oskar Zięta conquered the world design scene with his debut at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2007. To this day, thanks the proprietary method of forming steel with internal pressure (FiDU), we create sensory-provoking object/sculptures. The shapes of the objects only suggest their functions. When we’re not sitting on ULTRALEGGERA, the object is a mirror of weight index optimization. When we’re not resting on PLOPP, the object is a symbol of the first research in optimization of production technology. Thus, the J-CHAIR and CHIPPENSTEEL facilities lead through non-obvious meanders of craftsmanship, art and architecture.

photo: Zasoby Studio

Oko Mirror photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Poetics of the golden circle

During the Italian design meeting, the premiere of our steel mirrors will be presented, which combine the beauty of reflections of polished steel with the perceptual depth of optical treatments. Mercury will hypnotize, a single Tafla will be absorbed by its gradient finish, and its constellations will once again delight with their inox uniqueness. This year's strong accent of the Zieta Studio stand in Milan will be the classic RONDO in a magnetic version. Although the Zieta Gold colors are already known to a wider audience from the Aurum Collection, in a new dimension it is the quintessence of the interpenetration of reflections, steel, light, and gold. This year, RONDO will be strengthened and highlighted with a new chapter - Zieta Lighting.

Harmonica photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Milano in the shape of the ultrathin LUNA, the organic LAMPIN, the technological HARMONICA, and the linear BLADE. Objects are to be presented solo and in unique, inspiring constellations. Zieta Lighting is the result of our interdisciplinary exploration. It is a continuation of our fascination with metal and the evolution of FiDU technology. They symbolize continuous pursuit through less—in line with our “less is less” philosophy.

The encyclopedia of light

At Zieta Studio, on a daily basis we combine disciplines—art, design, engineering, and technology. Zieta Lighting is a new interdisciplinary tale of our fascination with material, excellence in craftsmanship, and the essence of light. It is a story of finding beauty in functionality and functionality in beauty. Based on our research, it is an adaptation of production to a demanding but sustainable future in the form of ambient, monomaterial lamps. It is the culmination of our admiration for light, reflections, and colors, through which the art of illumination is crafted and will be premiered during the Salone del Mobile.

Lampin photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Ultraleggera Chair photo: Ernest Wińczyk

About less is less

Our advanced exploration of ultralightness encompasses conceptual, procedural, and production levels. It involves a constant reduction of the actual weight of objects, minimizing the consumption of material and energy, as well as the virtual space needed for data storage. It is a detailed narrative about the idea of “less is less”—using less, desiring less, and consuming less. During the meeting in Milan, we divided the sustainable narrative into three zones of exploration. The zone of sculptural monomaterial technological manifestos by FiDU. The ultralight zone, presenting the ULTRALEGGERA family through completed objects and their individual components. And the light zone, where the ecological narrative focuses on reducing production components, as well as their disassembly and exchange capabilities. All this embodies the essence of the circular economy, as our monomaterial objects can be fully recycled. The objects are durable, hence long-lasting, so only a conscious decision to recycle them can fulfill their circular mission.

Ultraleggera Chair photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Supported horizontal surfaces

We manifest a growing area of exploration in metal stabilization and potential in table shape. One of the leading objects in this category is G-TABLE, which succinctly tells the story of parametric optimization, FiDU technology, and bionics. Our tables are a dynamic dialogue between bases and tops. They are experiments in shape, weight, and material combinations. These functional objects enrich interiors with unique sculptural impressions of various formats. From the seemingly massive PAROVA table to the delicate and subtle ULTRALEGGERA table. A selection of premiere finishes from our Tables category – also available for a closer look in Milan.

photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Rotation Vase photo: Ida Wyżkiewicz

Color, detail and consoles

The Milan meetings will bring into the light the decorative accents from the constantly expanding collection of Zieta Vases. Also, the new objects from consoles category that honor aesthetics, functionality and everyday habits will be presented. During Salone del.Mobile 2024, we will pop out with the HUBA bionic console and G-Table's parametric sister, the G-Console.

photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Join us at the 62th edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano!

16th - 21st April 2024
Hall 14 | Booth E37
Fiera Milano, Rho
Our stand will guide visitors through the world of colors, forms and material juxtaposition. The production and conceptual details are sure to capture an insightful audience. All of the above will be connected by a leading narrative about a sustainable future, ultralightness and the gigantic potential of monomateriality.

Tafla O Mirror photo: Weronika Trojanowska

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Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

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