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Zieta Studio at IDS Toronto

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

255 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6

As the new year starts, we visit Toronto. During the IDS - Interior Design Show in January 2024, we are showcasing the Zieta collection's newest and best. The thrilling encounter with Helix Nebula shades, cosmic hues of the TAFLA constellation, and carefully selected tables, consoles, and accessories is definitely a noteworthy event for every design enthusiast. 

Cosmic constellations and shades

At the centre of attention is Rondo Helix Nebula  The concept has already earned recognition at last year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan and the BDNY fair in New York. In Toronto, gradient finish will be presented in Topaz-Sapphire version. The shape and the colour directly refer to the actual planetary Helix Nebula. While the direct inspiration is concerned, the other combinations of gradient shades are available in the Transitions Collection. 

The constellations of TAFLA mirrors are a ready-made unique decoration of large walls. These are the objects that tell stories on a large scale. Through cooperation with architects and interior designers, we illustrate their potential in the best way possible. TAFLA mirrors can decorate private spaces, but also public halls or large foyer spaces. Their compositions are never the same, each constellation is designed to order, and each mirror has a unique shape.

Into the light

The new year of 2024 is unique for Zieta Studio. We are to unveil a completely new chapter in our design: Zieta Studio Lighting. Our luminaries combine the potential of FiDU technology, respect for the artisanal practices of shaping metals, and the essence of light in general. We will showcase our perspective on illumination and brightening. At IDS we will share the fruits of our research into form and its sustainable production methods represented by Sollune and Harmonica shapes.

The G

During the IDS, the horizontal surfaces' presentation are to be led by G-Table and G-Console. Those bionically shaped objects are the result of the combination of FiDU technology with a dedicated parametric algorithm. Each G-Table is parametrically tailor-made and created together with the end user, who can choose from a variety of materials and finishes and also decide on the final specifications. The exhibited G-Table continues the cosmic narrative – it appears in cosmic blue on the parabolic metal base. Both G-Table and G-Console feature bionic steel foundations that are connected with granite and concrete tabletop respectively.

Zieta’s winter in Canada

Zieta Studio’s wintertime presence in Canada at the IDS- the most important Canadian trade event, will be enriched by two other events. Firstly, we are to open the exhibition of the Zieta Illustrated project in LUMAS gallery. Secondly, Oskar Zięta is to participate in the AZURE Trade Talks held during the IDS. 

All photos by Weronika Trojanowska.

photo: Maciej Polak

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Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

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