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Drab Hanger

Multifunctional climb



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Height: 188.00 cm74.02 inch

Width: 46.00 cm18.11 inch

Depth: 6.00 cm2.36 inch

Weight: 5.00 kg11.00 lb

Gross dimensions (with packaging)

Height: 198.00 cm77.95 inch

Width: 54.00 cm21.26 inch

Depth: 10.00 cm3.94 inch

Weight: 10.00 kg22.00 lb

Collection Zieta Collection

Color White Glossy 9003

Material Steel

* the package includes a mounting kit for Drab Hanger
* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products

The colours visible on the screen may be presented differently depending on your monitor settings and screen resolution. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between the colours you see on the screen and the colours of the actual products.

Multifunctional climb

DRAB is a universal object that can function as a hanger, a reflecting decorative art form, or a modern sculptural accent within the space. It plays with reversed contexts open to limitless interpretations. It’s a multiplication of a simple rectangular letter “H” inflated in FiDU, designed mainly as a hanger or a mirror.

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