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The 60th edition of the Salone Del Mobile



New products premiere

After two years with no fair and the last year’s “post-pandemic” Supersalone, Zieta Studio kindly invites you to the 60th jubilee edition of the world’s largest design and interior design fair – Salone del Mobile.Milano, where we are going to present our classic objects as well as lots of recent additions to our collection!

zdjęcie: Weronika Trojanowska

Tafla IQ zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

The 60th edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano offers its visitors, in addition to a purely commercial offer, an abundant program of meetings. During them, you will have a chance to find out how social, business, educational and design activities affect the future of the planet. It is indisputable that their influence on it is huge. Prominent figures from the world of design, technology, art, performance, education and communication will participate in discussions organized by Salone. Their aim will be to promote design, lateral thinking, creativity and critical approach, as well as to encourage training and exchange of knowledge – all the characteristics of those involved in the world of design – in the name of a true ecological transformation.

Ultraleggera Stool zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

The leading theme of this year’s fair will be designing sustainable development and celebrating beauty.
This year’s exhibitions will focus mainly on the subject of sustainable development and environmental awareness in furniture production. As a result we will see mainly projects that have been developed and created with the environment in mind. The need for a real and immediate ecological transformation will be particularly visible during the fair. Zieta Studio’s response to this subject matter is primarily the ULTRALEGGERA Family collection. Its cradle is the lightest chair in the world (1660 g) – ULTRALEGGERA, which was awarded the Must Have 2020 Award, as well as the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2020 Best of Award in the Product Category. The chair was also awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 and was featured in the Dezeen Showroom.

Stół Crash zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

Mercury zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

Ultralight Family

After the great success of the iconic chair, Zieta Studio will premiere its entire family of products, i.e. a coffee table and three variants of stools – standard, bar and kitchen. Ultra-light, aluminum objects surprise with their lightness and functionality. The fact that they are mono- material also adds to its appeal.

At our stand you will also be able to see the classics that have made us recognizable in the world of design: the PLOPP stool, CHIPPENSTEEL chair, TAFLA O and C mirrors in various sizes and colors, MERCURY wall installation, spectacular IQ TAFLE and much, much more.

Parova Console zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

The new products
that we will present during the fair are:

Cotton Candy Collection

Challenging the material is one of the main areas of research for Zieta Studio. Our dominant process consists in working on the steel form and its deformation, but recently we have been just as much attracted to the concept of colorization. The Cotton Candy collection is a specific manifestation of the expressiveness and depth of matte surfaces. Bringing our high-gloss polished stainless steel objects into matt contexts has revealed hitherto undiscovered chapters in our new gloss interpretation. The candy narrative is conducted by three pastel shades: white, pink and blue. All colors are covered with a Soft Touch coating, which emphasizes milky effect resembling a satin touch.
Discover more about Cotton Candy Collection →

Rondo Lustro zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

Tafla O zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

Aurum Collection

The Aurum Collection is a variation of Zieta Studio on the mysterious combination of steel and gold. It consists of mirrors varnished in three shades of gold: Light Gold, Classic Gold and Rose Gold. Aurum is a collection of jewelry for the home – mirrors that attract attention with their golden shine and unusual form look beautiful as wall decorations in classic and modern interiors.

Ultraleggera Chair zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

Stół Morph zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

Morph Table

Morph Table is a Zieta Studio object based on parametric exploration. It is a bionic inspiration drawn from tree branches, which has transformed into non-obvious, interwoven table legs. The adopted narrative is a clear transition from one geometry to another – unpredictable but harmonious.

Ultraleggera Chair zdjęcie: Marek Jarosz

Rotation vase

Rotation Vase is the essence of harmonious repetition. The narrative of the object is guided by a bionic base around the vase axis. It is a steel form that flirts with flower arrangements, setting out some unobvious directions for the stems situated in it. Rotation Vase is an object that is the result of the challenge we set ourselves in terms of form and functionality. By optimizing the parameters, we achieved the shape of the base, which, despite only edge contact with the ground, is a stable and unconventional vase. The separated parts at the top and bottom resemble the petals of the crown of a basket-shaped cluster. This is our bionic interpretation of the radial symmetry of organisms – that is why the Rotation Vase is a vessel like a flower.

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