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A minimalist chair inspired by the Superleggera design by the famous Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti. Built on an ultra-lightweight and durable frame made with innovative FiDU technology and laser-cut seat and backrest. All made of one material – the highest quality aluminum. The construction is characterized by exceptional lightness.


A chair as light as the air

that creates it

Ultraleggera is created using the FiDU technology developed by Oskar Zięta, which uses air to form the shape. Compared to other metal forming technologies, this technology consumes less energy and input material and does not generate much waste. How? Free forming does not require costly dies or material cutting. Moreover, the elements made in FiDU are empty inside and this allows not only to save material necessary for their manufacture, but also to save energy e.g. in the phase of transport to the customer.

What is more, with the help of parametric design software, it is possible to calculate a precise calculation, which allows for maximum efficiency in the use of sheet metal in relation to the resulting waste. Other advantages of the chair are its stability, durability and minimalism of form, which makes it not only uniquely light, but also timeless.

ultraleggera chair
Fot. Weronika Trojanowska
Fot. Weronika Trojanowska