photo by Marta Więcek

Inspired by the features of the Ultraleggera chair, we expanded its concept with new objects. Please welcome the family driven by lightness including:

Ultraleggera Stool Standard

weight: 1500 g

height: 46 cm

diameter: 34 cm

Ultraleggera Stool Kitchen

weight: 1600 g

height: 60 cm

diameter: 34 cm

Ultraleggera Stool Bar

weight: 1800 g

height: 68 cm

diameter: 34 cm

Ultraleggera Coffee Table

weight: 5790 g

height: 74 cm

diameter: 80 cm

Each object is available in 2 versions: three and four-legged.

Weight of the future

The Ultraleggera family is a great representative of Mono-Material Thinking. Manufactured in aluminum, it is durable, fully recyclable, and ultralight. When all of those features are combined with functionality, we get the Ultraleggera family, with each of its members functioning as a certain definition of the object of the future. They manifest Zieta Studio’s values and the principles of the Circular Economy.

photo by Marta Więcek

photo by Marta Więcek

Less is less philosophy

We tell our stories made of metal, founding our work on a controlled loss of control. FiDU – the innovative manufacturing process that leads us to a constant unraveling of new material potentials. We inflate welded pieces of metal from a flat form to a three-dimensional object. It gives us a permanent chance to introduce minimalistic narratives into both conceptual and material dimensions. The Ultraleggera family is a great representation of our achievements – the reductions in time, material, and gigabytes consumption.


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photo by Ernest Wińczyk

photo by Ernest Wińczyk

Ultraleggera chair –

the legend of lightness

In 2019 Oskar Zięta took up Gio Ponti’s Superleggera. He created the award-winning chair weighing a little over 1660g. That is how the whole family was born – on the stable, resistant bases of the Ultraleggera chair.


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And here we are ready to gather around the coffee table, and sit on the stool – all together, both indoors and outdoors, today and in the future.

Zieta delivers across the entire world.


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