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Exceptional beauty of reflections

Tafla c mirror reflectionson the wall

Tafla C zdjęcie: Laura Korzeniowska

The interplay between light and high-polished stainless-steel surfaces is nothing short of a breath-taking spectacle. As light cascades across the surface, it illuminates every curve and angle, generating a dynamic and mesmerizing display of colour and motion that leaves the viewer entranced.
an inflated steel chair by zieta studio

Chippensteel Chair zdjęcie: Ada Gruszka

In the design sphere of Zieta Studio creations, high-polished stainless steel is a favoured material due to its multifaceted properties. A series of metal mirrors, chairs and accessories not only serve practical purposes, but also radiate an air of sophistication and class in any space they inhabit.
PLOPP stool made of inflated steel in interior

Plopp zdjęcie: PLOPP stool, photo/furniture: Zasoby Studio/zielinski_interior. Project: Damian Kozłowski/Katarzyna Fiedorczuk.

Keen observers are struck by the transformative nature of light on this metallic surface. With every movement, the reflections appear to shift and undulate, forging a unique and memorable encounter every time. This testifies to the immense power of design and the significance of material choices when creating impactful Zieta Studio objects.
tafla iq mirrors installation

Tafla IQ zdjęcie: Laura Korzeniowska

helix nebula collection rondo mirror reflections

Rondo Lustro zdjęcie: Weronika Trojanowska

irregular form of inflated steel tafla o mirror

Tafla O zdjęcie: Marta Więcek, Alek Rokosz

Studying irregularities
At Zieta Studio, we carefully study the material. Flat metal moulds take their three-dimensional forms thanks to the FiDU method of forming steel with internal pressure. The thin, laser-cut shapes are tightly welded at the edges and then deformed with injected air. It’s a process in which a transition is made from 2.5D objects to their final 3D forms. Each of these mirrored objects manifests the properties of the material in unique, unrepeatable subtle edge convexities.
tafla o mirror inox neon light reflections

Tafla O zdjęcie: Marta Więcek, Alek Rokosz

muniature of revolve sculpture zieta studio

zdjęcie: Weronika Trojanowska

details of steel mirror tafla o

Tafla O zdjęcie: Marta Więcek, Alek Rokosz

plopp stool reflections

Plopp zdjęcie: HFDA The Sparkle Content

inflated mirror details by zieta studio

Rondo Lustro zdjęcie: HFDA The Sparkle Content.

reflections of steel objects by zieta studio

The irregularities engender a broad range of light reflection angles, which interact with the surface’s unique geometry to produce a myriad of fascinating visual effects. As such, the properties of light reflection are an area of immense interest to Zieta Studio and a fundamental field for visual creativity and manufacturing innovation.

Seeking visual stimulation
The phenomenon of light reflections on irregular steel surfaces is a complex and intriguing subject. Due to the surface’s uneven topography, light is refracted and diffused in various directions, generating a dynamic and visually stimulating display of colour and texture—captivating and immersive installations that challenge the viewer’s perception of space and dimensionality.

colorfull reflectionsorf of inflated steel objects

polished stainless-steel objects by zieta studio

In essence, the beauty of light reflections on high-polished stainless-steel surfaces is a poignant reminder of the potential of design and the significance of meticulous attention to detail. This splendid manifestation of light and colour is a unique experience and inspires the quest for further instances of beauty in the surroundings.
Seek the beauty of reflections with Zieta Studio.
details of tafla o mirror

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