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Dystans Gallery

św Krzyża 14, Kraków

Oskar Zięta's inflatable stories return to Krakow in an ultra-light approach. The objects presented in the Dystans Gallery are an extended narrative that was spectacularly launched by ULTRALEGGERA in 2019. The chair is inspired by the legendary SUPERLEGGERA, created in the 1950s in the Italian studio of Gio Ponti. Oskar Zięta took up the challenge - the then lightest chair in the world - to lightness, adding the prefix ultra, he created an object that still breaks records in terms of weight, form stability and outstanding durability. Ultralight stories are not just a single object awarded by MATERIALICA Design + Technology and Red Dot Award, it is a whole family of ultralight objects optimizing the ratio of weight to stability - lightweight index.
Oskar Zięta manifests the less is less approach through his objects. Thus promoting their responsible production and use. The first is possible thanks to full control over all stages of the production process. The proprietary FiDU metal forming method allows for a real reduction in the amount of material, energy and virtual data used. Therefore, ultralightness is treated comprehensively. It is also an attempt to make the recipients aware of the existence of an achievable "desire less". Prudent consumption, also in utility design, is our focus on choosing durable, recyclable mono-material products.

Many years of research in the field of optimization of forms and their stabilization are the result of a thorough analysis of the material and careful observation of nature. Oskar Zięta's bionic objects are created thanks to processes imitating the natural functioning of living organisms and plants. Thus, the ULTRALEGGER family owes its uniqueness to the observation of cross-sections of tree trunks and the construction of pneumatic skeletons - light and very durable structures of bird wings. Ultra-light stories are an encounter with the material, technology and process. It is exploring the potential of the monomaterial philosophy, which today is the future of responsible production and consumption. It is the use of the possibility of creating new objects from renewable materials.

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Stoisko 1135, Javits Center, Nowy Jork

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