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Rotation Vase

Flower-like vessel



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Flower-like vessel

The ROTATION VASE is the essence of harmonious repetition. The flower-like geometrical composition around the vessel’s axis leads the narrative. The vase determines the unobvious directions of plant stems. It is a steel form flirting with compositions.
parova table and rotation vases made stainless steel

Challenging nature

The ROTATION vase is the result of a challenge we set ourselves in terms of form and functionality. By optimizing the parameters, we have achieved the shape of a base, which, despite having limited contact with the ground on its edges only, forms a stable and unconventional vessel. The pieces that compose the ROTATION vase both from the top and the bottom resemble the petals of the crown of a capitulum inflorescence. This is our bionic interpretation of the radial symmetry of organisms—that is why the ROTATION vase is a flower-like vessel.
rotation vases made of inflated steel

At the same time, the form of the ROTATION vase is a challenge for florists. The vase defines the directions of the stems and gives a unique dimension to both individual flowers and entire compositions.

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