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Architectural candelabrum



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Architectural candelabrum

TRIGLAV is a steel candleholder inspired by slender and soaring Gothic vaults. Its three arms of various heights are like modern tower constructions—delicate in their verticality but stable and unyielding. Thanks to its asymmetrical shape, the TRIGLAV candleholder is full of unexpected opportunities. Depending on the point of view, it presents different aspects and reveals many faces.
candleholder by zieta studio made of metal

Inspirational addition for interiors

The geometric, pure form makes it a contemporary decorative object. With or without candles inside, it will impress with its exquisite sculptural openwork volume. With its reflective surface, TRIGLAV will blend with the surroundings, emanating a mirror-like glare. According to Zieta Studio’s passion for metal deformation, TRIGLAV is manufactured in the FiDU technology, based on the creation of optimized three-dimensional forms from two-dimensional pieces of metal.
tafla c mirrors constallation

Part of the TRIGLAV project is dedicated candles with a geometric shape. Made of stearin, they burn longer than paraffin candles, come from renewable sources, and do not emit toxic substances when burning.

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