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ZIETA INFLATALES at Concordia Design

Concordia Design

Wyspa Słodowa 7, Wrocław

rondo mirror mad eof inflated steel
ZIETA INFLATALES at Concordia Design
Steel in six scenes

After a long break, Oskar Zięta's steel objects and sculptures have returned to Wrocław - the city where the heart of Zieta Studio is beating. This year's INFLATALES exhibition in the Concordia Design building, reveals to visitors the essence of Zięta's activities as an artist, designer, architect and process designer. The exhibition summarizes the interdisciplinarity and complexity of the projects - explaining it in six scenes.

Opening: 29 June 2023 | 6:30 p.m.
Exhibition: 29 June – 16 July 2023
Opening hrs: 11:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.

miniatures of sculptures inox

photo: Kacper Miodek

Zieta Studio exhibition Inflatales oster Rondo donut picture

Process, technology, object

The INFLATALES exhibition offers an experience of seamless transitions between the ecosystem of advanced FiDU technology solutions and parametric design, bionics, design, and art. All the objects and sculptures are the result of years of material studies that Oskar Zięta began during his time as a student at ETH Zurich. It was there that the concept of the iconic PLOPP stool was born. It takes centre stage in the first scene, where the artist reveals to visitors the essence of his own “controlled loss of control” process and its significance in the context of the “less is less” narrative.

Oskar Zięta at inflatales exhibition

photo: Kacper Miodek

Rondo Mirror from helix nebula collection

Rondo Mirror photo: Jakub Kania

'controlled loss of control'

In his work, Zięta constantly optimizes the consumption of material, energy, and data. He designs flat objects that are then deformed into their final three-dimensional form through internal pressure. The objects are hollow inside, but thanks to advanced engineering solutions the steel profiles are incredibly sturdy and simultaneously lightweight.
totem sculpture made of inflated steel

Crystal Totem photo: Kacper Miodek

Inflatales exhibition

photo: Jakub Kania

The meeting with the works of Oskar Zięta on Wyspa Słodowa in Wrocław is unique because in the vicinity of the exhibition there is a large-scale NAWA city pavilion. It is both the prologue and the epilogue of the exhibition. A starting point for recognizing the artistic dimension of creativity and an encouragement to learn about its process and production secrets.
plopp stool inox

Plopp photo: Kacper Miodek

rondo mirror, nawa miniature at concordia design

NAWA photo: Kacper Miodek

Domains of the future

Oskar Zięta has become renowned for his interdisciplinary exploration of the potential of steel. Today his research enables the production of collectible objects that fully align with the much-needed narrative of a circular economy. Durability and monomateriality are where the strength of sustainable development lies, exemplified by ULTRALEGGERA, Red Dot awarded the lightest chair in the world.
totem sculpture, ultraleggera chair

Crystal Totem photo: Kacper Miodek

The INFLATALES exhibition combines technological exploration with beautiful sensory experiences. The stories are made of steel, yet delicate. Deformed, yet graceful. Colourful and reflective. These multifaceted tales of progress are sculpted in metal by air.
ultraleggera chair

Ultraleggera Chair photo: Kacper Miodek

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