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Zieta Studio at Warsaw Home 2023 A bold encounter with colour


Al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn, Polska

Chippensteel Chair foto: Jakub Kania

During Warsaw Home 2023, one of Poland's foremost design events, we will invite visitors to witness the results of our exploration of metal colorization and their ceaseless quest for innovative functional forms.

foto: Weronika Trojanowska

Interpreting the Cosmos

At the centre of attention will be our new Helix Nebula colour concept. Gradient finishes will be showcased on the RONDO triptych mirrors. In this configuration, the objects mirror the shape and colours of the Helix Nebula, from which they derive their name and direct inspiration in terms of colour combinations. The new gradients expand the Transitions Collection.

>>> Helix Nebula

Closer and closer to the metal

As an experimental and research-driven design studio, we consistently explore the potential of metal in design. Our creations are a product of process-oriented thinking. By delving deeper into our FiDU technology, we view metal with greater depth, breadth, and precision. The form is the result of the production process, not vice versa. This year, we aim to present the outcomes of our colorization explorations.

Rondo Mirror foto: Weronika Trojanowska

foto: Weronika Trojanowska

Our perspective on illumination

Rondo Mirror foto: Trend Nomad (Michał Mazur)

Year of Nebula

The premiere of the Helix Nebula triptych has already earned recognition at the Italian design gathering, Salone del Mobile in Milan, this spring. This autumn, the cosmic hues, parallel to WH2023, will be presented at the BDNY fair in New York on RONDO and OKO objects.

foto: Weronika Trojanowska

Colour—steel narratives full of intense contrasts, brave concepts, and artistic threads.

A new chapter: Zieta Studio Lighting

At this year's Warsaw Home, we will also unveil a completely new chapter in design: Zieta Studio Lighting. Our luminaries combine the potential of FiDU technology, respect for the artisanal practices of shaping metals, and the essence of light in general. We will showcase our perspective on illumination and brightening. We will share the fruits of our research into form and its sustainable production methods.

foto: Weronika Trojanowska

Constellations Tafla O foto: Weronika Trojanowska

Spectacular mirrors rain of TAFLA O

Ultraleggera Stool foto: Rafał Ciemny

The mesmerizing neons

Bold accents in the labyrinth of colours will be magnetic neon. Well-known Zieta Studio objects will appear in fresh, highly contrasting interpretations. Neon shares are one of the effects of our innovations in metal colorization and presence in space. Their finishes provoke with their intensity in daylight and mesmerize in ultraviolet light.

Chippensteel Chair foto: Jakub Kania

foto: Katarzyna Bogucka (Nioska)

Join us for a meeting with contrast, gradient, and metal.

Warsaw Home 2023
November 7-10, 2023
Hall: F3 | Stand: 49
Ptak Warsaw Expo
Al. Katowicka 62,
05-830 Nadarzyn, Poland

Zieta Illustrated - Collaborating with Polish Illustrators

The Warsaw Home 2023 fair will be the site of the premiere of the inaugural exhibition of Zieta Illustrated. We have joined forces with recognized Polish illustrators, creating a captivating narrative about design. We previously previewed the first illustrated card of the J-CHAIR object, together with Katarzyna Bogucka, in Wrocław at CH Renoma. This project demonstrates the power of the synergy between design and art. It offers a fresh perspective on Zieta Studio objects through the unique lens of Polish illustrative lines.

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J-Chair foto: Rafał Ciemny

Eventos imperdibles

Zieta Studio at ICFF

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

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