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Simple, cheerful, monomaterial





Height: 70.00 cm27.60 inch

Width: 70.00 cm27.60 inch

Depth: 15.00 cm5.90 inch

Collection Heat Collection

Color Heat Flamed Gold

Material Inox

* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products

The colours visible on the screen may be presented differently depending on your monitor settings and screen resolution. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between the colours you see on the screen and the colours of the actual products.

A study in steel

IGLAK is a monomaterial home accessory that hides in its shape Zieta Studio’s vast exploration of free internal pressure forming of metal. We laser-cut shapes from a flat sheet of material and weld them at the edges, then deform them with high-pressure air to their final form. 

Less is always less

Our experiments with shapes are limitless. Besides the advanced stabilization of metal profiles, there is still room for joy. It might sound like an exaggeration, but tiny Zieta Accessories contain vast studies of material, as well as environmental thought. We can shape IGLAK from the remnants of metal sheets used to manufacture Zieta mirrors or other larger-scale objects. 

Colours and metals

The unique mirror object IGLAK is available in Inox but also in unique, inspiring colours: Flamed Gold, True Red, and True Blue. It might be an elegant Christmas ornament to match a modern interior, a minimalist apartment, or an extravagant loft. Depending on the choice, IGLAK is made of stainless steel (Inox), carbon steel, aluminium, or copper. We should stress that the object is designed for indoor use—otherwise, its surface may undergo natural chemical processes.

Get closer to reflections

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Zieta Collection

The outcome of transdisciplinary design based on experimenting with unique FiDU technology. The Zieta Collection, fresh, new, daring solutions that not only excite but also fire up the imagination, is based on controlled deformation—inflating flat, steel forms with compressed air.

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