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Technological exploration in organic shape



CCT (Correlated Color Temperature)

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Kollektion Zieta Kollektion

Farbe Inox Polished

Material Inox

Cable transparent

* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products
*Light source: LED Weight: 0,68 kg/1,50 lb Power: 4,6 W CCT: 4000 K CRI ≥ 90 R9 ≤ 60, 3000 K CRI ≥ 90 R9 ≤ 60, 2700 K CRI ≥ 90 R9 ≤ 60 Level of protection: IK03, IP20 Control: CASAMBI Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz Lumen: 4000 K: 422, 3000 K: 422, 2700 K: 422 Beam angle: 36°

The colours visible on the screen may be presented differently depending on your monitor settings and screen resolution. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between the colours you see on the screen and the colours of the actual products.

We merge traditional metalworking techniques with modern technology. We control deformations so that despite the unpredictable wrinkles inherent in FiDU technology, there are points that remain constant. We added a pinch of predictability to our “controlled loss of control.”

Ambient lamp out of a hanger

Lampin was created around the shape of one of Oskar Zięta’s first objects, the PIN hanger. The concept resulted from combining two techniques: bending and internal pressure deformation. It is a lamp that combines the precision of steel processing with spontaneous deformation on the edges. Lampin is monomaterial, ecological, and inspiring. 

Multiplied plots of light

Lampin enriches every environment with an individual narrative. Its organic shape introduces a soft steel impression. The metal surface of the fixture magically multiplies plots of light. Lampin itself emits light in two colour temperatures: early morning 3000K or daylight 4000K. Even though it falls into the category of ambient lighting, with high CRI 90 and R9 ≤ 60, it also provides excellent colour rendering. 

Constellating pendant reflections

These objects can appear as a single accent in space or as a multi-element set of elegant, modern pendant lamps. Lampin’s constellations create a vivid image of light reflected in the edge deformations of Inox light fixtures. Besides high-gloss polished steel, Lampin is available in matte black or white and majestic flame gold.

Composing metal distortions

Lampin is manufactured with three different diameters: 13, 15, and 17 cm. Composing the recommended sets, we propose the mixed-sized option or a set of three of the same dimensions—but never identical, thanks to the unique edgy distortions characteristic of the FiDU deformation process. As we love to experiment with metal, beyond the suggested compositions, we are open to custom lighting solutions. 

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Aurum Kollektion

Die Kollektion Aurum ist das Ergebnis der Experimente von Zieta Studio mit lackiertem Stahl – die polierte Inox-Oberfläche ist mit einem durchscheinenden Lack überzogen, der das Objekt bedeckt und gleichzeitig seine natürliche Schönheit offenbart.

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Harmonica 13 Inox Polished CCT 3000

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CCT 3000

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Tafla O3 Transitions Dark Matter

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Luna Inox Polished CCT 3000
Luna Inox Polished CCT 3000



CCT 3000

Blade 160 Inox Polished
Blade 160 Inox Polished

Blade 160


Inox Polished

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