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Ultra-thin light studies



CCT (Correlated Color Temperature)

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Kollektion Zieta Kollektion

Farbe Inox Polished

Material Inox

Cable transparent

* weights, shapes and dimensions may vary, this is a characteristic feature of FiDU products
*Light source: OLED Weight: 0,40 kg/0,88 lb Power: 3,3 W CCT: 4000 K CRI ≥ 90 R9 > 75, 3000 K CRI ≥ 90 R9 > 50 Level of protection: IK03, IP20 Control: CASAMBI Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz Lumen: 4000 K: 165, 3000 K: 200 Beam angle: 180°

The colours visible on the screen may be presented differently depending on your monitor settings and screen resolution. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between the colours you see on the screen and the colours of the actual products.

Innovation in the Zieta Lighting chapter aligns with global trends, including transitioning to smaller, simpler fixtures. We designed ambient lamps with detachable and replaceable components. We harmonized advanced technological parameters with the beauty of form. We have developed, once again, a response to the design challenges of the era of new technologies and sustainable development.
high tech lamp luna by zieta

Excellence in technology and craftsmanship

High-tech and ultra-thin—this is Luna. An ambient lamp with a 2mm OLED light source, it is encased in metal precisely shaped by the spinning technique. LUNA is a stainless steel fixture in a small format, but tells a story of the complexity of its craftsmanship. 
thin minimalistic lamp luna

Illuminated light quality

Luna mimics natural sunlight and provides a perfect balance of red, green, and blue throughout the visible spectrum. This is ensured by R9 > 75 and CRI 90. This R9 rating guarantees that objects illuminated by Luna appear real and vivid, enhancing its potential for use in commercial spaces.
ambient soft light by zieta studio

Sustainable and responsible ambient lamp

Luna does not emit very short blue waves, is safe for the eyes and skin, and does not create a glare effect. All components of the LUNA lamp are detachable, and the fixture itself is recyclable. This makes it not only a super-technological but also a super-ecological lighting fixture. 
recyclable inimalistic steel lamp

Light fixtures and colours

Our favourites are Luna sets of three or five. Such constellations introduce a filigree metal narrative framing the exceptional light source. Luna’s colour temperature can be chosen between a soft white 3000K or a daylight white of 4000K. Luna fixtures come in polished Inox with a matte effect, matte white and black, and eye-provoking flamed gold. 

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Zieta Kollektion

Das Ergebnis einer transdisziplinären Gestaltung, basierend auf Experimenten mit der einzigartigen FiDU-Technologie. Die Zieta-Kollektion umfasst frische, innovative und mutige Lösungen, die nicht nur Begeisterung hervorrufen, sondern auch die Vorstellungskraft anregen. Sie basiert auf kontrollierter Deformation - dem Aufblasen flacher, stählerner Formen mit Hilfe von Druckluft. 

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Lampin 13 Inox Polished CCT 3000
Lampin 13 Inox Polished CCT 3000

Lampin 13


CCT 3000

Rondo 120 Inox Polished
Rondo 120 Inox Polished

Rondo 120

Inox Polished

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Harmonica 13 Inox Polished CCT 3000
Harmonica 13 Inox Polished CCT 3000

Harmonica 13


CCT 3000

Blade 270 Inox Polished
Blade 270 Inox Polished

Blade 270


Inox Polished

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