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Zieta Lighting

The new encyclopedia of light

Light is the subject of our comprehensive studies on form and emotion. It is a distinct entity that subtly engages in an intimate connection with both humans and spaces. We aspired to design this realm—the relationship between eye, emotion and light. An architecture of reflections, fixtures, and hues. Through technology, we sculpt metal. By touching light, we have sculpted Zieta Lighting. We have composed an architecture of reflections in space. We have designed a light effect, not just a lamp. We have designed Zieta Lighting, which tells and creates a story.

At Zieta Studio, on a daily basis we combine disciplines—art, design, engineering, and technology. Zieta Lighting is our new interdisciplinary tale of a fascination with material, excellence in craftsmanship, and the essence of light. It is a story of finding beauty in functionality and functionality in beauty. Based on research, it is an adaptation of production to a demanding but sustainable future in the form of ambient, monomaterial lamps. It is the culmination of our admiration for light, reflections, and colours, through which we craft the art of illumination.
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