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The urban sculpture GENERACJE (GENERATIONS) is a story about generations, technology, and fulfilled dreams. Transience and endurance. Similarities and differences reflected in polished steel surfaces. The mirrored TAFLA panels are a subtle and constant reflection of ever-changing nature, colours, seasons, and moods. 
The form is a technological manifesto expressed through art. It is a three-dimensional interpretation of the bas relief by Polish avant-garde artist Marian Szpakowski which adorns the façade of the Zielona Góra BWA building. This approach is at the core of Oskar Zięta’s design process, constantly transitioning from flat to three-dimensional forms, from the virtual to the real world and vice versa.
It is the place where his passion for exploring the potential of metal was born and where Zieta Studio’s production hall is located today.

It is a mirror reflecting the potential of Zięta’s proprietary FiDU technology and generative design.

In 2022, the first prototypes of the sculpture and individual mirrored panels of GENERACJE in a 1:2 scale were exhibited in the museum space, enriching the permanent collection of the Museum of the Lubuskie Region.

It is a project for the city and its future generations.

GENERACJE is a collaborative effort of Zielona Góra residents. It is a project for the city and its future generations.

Leave us a message if you are interested in special project such as a sculpture, trophy or if you have any other idea that we can help you with.



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