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City kaleidoscopes
urban crystals sculpture made with fidu technology
“Urban Crystals are objects that I call «urban kaleidoscopes». They work as reflective devices. Left side is reflected on the right, top reflects the bottom. A framework is created in which certain important axes, important buildings, and important architecture are emphasized”, Oskar Zięta says about his sculptural group of three Crystals forms.
metal sculpture by zieta studio
sketches of urban crystals by oskar zieta
process of creating projects
sculptures made of inflated metal and its reflections
Urban Crystals is a variation on the Crystals form developed in 2018 – multidimensional shapes with strong, dynamic angles and swingeing contrasts of increasing planes and openwork cutouts. Through their simple yet defined form they tell a story of sculptural minimalism, of focusing on the material and of craftsman passion. At the same time they constitute a framework for other stories: about the urban landscape and nature, as well as about a man framed by abstraction.
steel sculpture in natural setting
urban crystals sculpture made with fidu technology
detailed picture of reflection of sculpture
The sculpture was created for the Design Pavilion, which in partnership with NYCxDESIGN and Times Square Alliance, aimed to celebrate New York city by presenting a special city-wide installation of hope, with a Time Square hub, titled „Open to the Sky”. It consists of three slender crystal-like forms that create a vertical sculptural group climbing to the sky and opening the new perspectives for urban visions.
urban crystals sculpture placed in forest
sculpture by oskar zieta
urban crystals sculpture in art dubai fair
sculptures by zieta studio in dubai
Urban Crystals embraces its immediate context. In Dubai, it seems to complete the setting. The proximity of the DIFC Gate Building underlines an architectural juxtaposition with a powerful triumphal arch. Thus it can be interpreted as a component of Art Dubai’s concept of “meaningful engagement with the rich cultural heritage and contemporary art practices.” The nearness to the Museum of the Future also underlines Oskar Zięta’s futuristic attitude to processes and the uses of material.

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Urban Crystals

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