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Boiler room of Scheibler Power Plant (FUZJA)

ZIETA ILLUSTRATED About lines, design and emotions
“We believe that illustrations have a soul. They contain interwoven and multidimensional stories about lines, colours, and emotions.”
In spring, the full version of the Zieta Ilustrowany project was hosted at the Institute of Industrial Design. Now we will meet in Łódź during the Łódź Design Festival at FUZJA.

Plopp foto: Marta Wereszko

J-Chair foto: Marta Wereszko

Zieta Studio combines disciplines—art, design, engineering, and technology—every day. In this interdisciplinarity, they are strongly committed to promoting the quality and greatness of Polish creators around the world. Therefore, the Zieta Illustrated project was founded, aimed at supporting young artists, combining disciplines, and telling stories about common passion for creation.

Harmonica foto: Marta Wereszko

Triglav foto: Marta Wereszko

Oskar Zięta’s steel objects are subjected to individual, expressive interpretations. The illustrations, printed in large formats, will confront the illustrated object and be presented under the pure exhibition concept supported by ecological solutions provided by beMatrix Poland and Wise Expo.

Tafla O Mirror foto: Marta Wereszko

foto: Patryk Grądys

The new exhibition concept features a series of limited-edition prints showcasing iconic Oskar Zięta’s objects through the eyes of some of the most acclaimed Polish illustrators, such as: Karol Banach, Edgar Bąk, Katarzyna Bogucka, Ola Dobrzyńska, Iza Dudzik, Kuba Ferenc, Joanna Gniady, Malwina Hajduk, Ada Jarzębowska, Jakub Kamiński, Agata Królak, Paweł Mildner, Marian Misiak, Anna Niemierko, Maciej Polak, Paweł Smardzewski, Paweł Szlotawa, Asia Wójtowicz.

foto: Patryk Grądys

The Łódź meeting with illustrations will take place in the unique, industrial space of the old Scheibler Power Plant boiler room, today known as FUZJA. The Zieta Illustrated exhibition will be available to visitors during the Łódź Design Festival festival, but it will last longer because it starts on May 15 and ends only on June 2.

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Zieta Studio at ICFF

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

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