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'Matt is the new shine' exhibition at the DOMAR Gallery.

DOMAR Interior Gallery

Braniborska 14, Wrocław

white matt objects by zieta studio

Zieta about white

We are designers, observers, and creators thanks to photoreceptors. In our eyes, we have an advanced mechanism that allows us to see colour. Colour, is nothing more than our subjective interpretation of energy-carrying waves.

fidu alphabet zieta studio white matt

foto: Weronika Trojanowska

Rondo Mirror foto: Jakub Kania

White: The sum and the lack of colour
In the visible spectrum, each colour has a different wavelength. Red has the longest, and violet is the shortest. White is the only colour that encompasses all of their wavelengths. When light hits an object, some waves are absorbed, and others are reflected. When all of them are reflected, the object appears white to our eye. Therefore, we call white the sum of all colours and their simultaneous lack.

Tafla O Mirror foto: Kacper Miodek

G-Side Table foto: Kacper Miodek

The colours of metal

In the designs of Zieta Studio, metal is the channel for transmitting emotions. We use its natural properties. By polishing, we transform its surface into a mirror effect. Depending on the alloy, we work with the soft, warm glow of copper or the cool, sometimes icy shine of steel.

Fidu Alphabet foto: Weronika Trojanowska

The power of the lack of colour

White is the canvas. The background for every colour and shape. White is simplicity, purity, and minimalism. White emanates quiet confidence. It does not shout, but it is powerful. It is the sum of all colours. It creates space and depth. It is harmonious.

Addictive white

We are fascinated by reflections. That's why we must be fascinated by colour. Therefore, we experiment with colouring metal surfaces. White has become addictive. It transforms mirrored surfaces into white matte sculptures - without the functional function of a mirror, but still attractive as an interior object.

Tafla C Mirror foto: Jakub Kania

Constellations Tafla O foto: Kacper Miodek

Steel. White. Matte.

The background of art

In design, white is a timeless force that defines spaces. Its magic lies in its adaptability. White blends in and organizes. It gives softness. White allows other elements to shine, remaining the essence of the whole.
In Zieta Studio, we are still discovering the power of white and studying the new matte shine.

Triglav foto: Kacper Miodek

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Zieta Studio at ICFF

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

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