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Pracownia VZORY

st. Ślusarska 15, Poznań / Poland

DOBROSTAN is the concept around which this year's Design Festival in Poznań and another Zieta Studio exhibition at the Vzory Studio are focused. The definition of DOBROSTAN (well-being) has a highly individual character, therefore festival events present and confront individual attitudes to subjective life satisfaction with its wider, social dimension.

According to Oskar Zięta, DOBROSTAN (well-being) is harmony and balance, a kind of freedom that gives unlimited possibilities of creation. Oskar Zieta customarily deforms the conceptual framework, placing particular emphasis on development and change, and not on ... the state. DOBROSTAN (well-being) for him is continuous development and continuous optimization of production and design processes. It is manifested in the form of the less is less approach, which consists in optimizing the weight index of objects - increasing endurance while reducing weight.
Today, the essence of social well-being seems to be a map drawn by the OZN Sustainable Development Goals, where design has its path of responsible production. The original method of steel forming with FiDU internal pressure, which is the foundation of the activities conducted by Oskar Zieta Studio, is a real way to reduce energy consumption and produce objects in accordance with the circular economy model. The fascination with the material turned out to be the key to the gates of sustainable development 20 years ago. Oskar Zięta, during his research on the properties of steel at the ETH University in Zurich, initiated and continues to optimize the production of metal objects. These many years of studies and consistent work in one matter today result in technology that allows the creation of monomaterial, ultra-light objects that are extremely durable and recyclable. The optimization of the weight index (lightweight index) in 2020 led the ULTRALEGGERA chair to the highest podium of the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award in the product category. After two years, Zieta Studio's offer includes the entire ULTRALEGGERA family with a 1.5-kilogram stool or a coffee table weighing 5790 g.
The smooth connection of utility objects with engineering, bionics and art shows the unlimited possibilities of design, which always aims to find WELL-BEING, a consensus between user needs, business effects and responsible development. In the space of Pracownia VZORY in Poznań, the TAFLA constellation and the cult OKO conduct a wall dialogue of reflections and geometry. G-CONSOLA shows how the bionic form perfectly transfers loads. The NOGI table construction with a glass top made in the Fusion technology by Tomasz Urbanowicz reminds us of an artistic and inter-material dialogue. The exhibition cannot miss the Zieta Studio icon, the award-winning PLOPP stool, winner of the Red Dot Design Award (2008), this time in a standard and kitchen version. ULTRALEGGERA Anodic Natura and CHIPPENSTEEL, flirting with the craftsmanship of Thomas Chippendale, will also be present in the sit-down category. The story of metal deformations and the subtleties of reflections will be complemented by accessories such as PAROVA and KARAVA vases, TRIGLAV candelabrum, SNOPEK hanger or wall PINs.

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Zieta Studio at ICFF

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

Booth 1135, Javits Center, New York

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