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seahorse oskar zięta sculpture
Revealing raw steel’s poetry Oskar Zięta created the Seahorse sculpture as part of his research at the ETH Zurich at the ITA Institute. It is a large modular construction made of raw rusted steel, realized using the FiDU technology. The resulting elements feature surprisingly high efficiency in terms of self-weight and load-boarding-capacity ratio, as well as relatively low processing effort. The sculpture’s form is dynamic and dramatic as it features two symmetrical forms made of geometrically curved inflated profiles: the upper one rests on the lower one creating a closed crown-like structure. In effect, it brings to mind a Möbius strip or a pair of kissing seahorses that dance lightly in the sea depths.  Moreover, the combination of the raw steel with sharp shapes gives the sculpture an industrial character that praises the material’s qualities and is a manifesto of the technology itself.

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