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Cocoon made of arches
AORTA is one of Oskar Zięta’s organic sculptures – it resembles the shape of the main and largest artery in the human body, whose function is to distribute oxygenated blood. The sculpture is a metaphor for the physical source of life – a corporeal, tangible structure that connects the heart with all the arteries.
photo: Weronika Trojanowska
Its structure is based on multiplied steel arches – bent at different angles and combined into an openwork form that can be hung under the ceiling. Provoked even by a delicate air movement, AORTA will dance around its axis producing unexpected reflections. The visual effects, just like in the case of other Oskar Zięta’s sculptures, give it a processual aspect that refers to constant change and movement.
photo: Weronika Trojanowska
photo: Dariusz Kula
“My aim was to transform the frigid steel into something radically contradicting the properties of the material. I wanted to juxtapose the stability and strength with organic, openwork, light shape. Thus, one can read this sculpture in many ways, even as a metaphor of life itself”, says Oskar Zięta.
photo: Marta Więcek
photo: Martyna Jabłońska-Makowska
photo: Laura Korzeniowska
AORTA combines the ephemeral with the permanent. It is a sculpture embodying the human spirit – relentless yet full of contradictions.
photo: Bartek Pawlik

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