8 – 12.11.2021

Zieta Studio for the first time will take part in the Middle East’s leading design fair, the largest exhibition of limited edition and collectable design to date, Downtown Design Dubai.



Downtown Design Dubai is a commercial highlight of Dubai Design Week, the region’s largest creative festival. The fair brings together design professionals and enthusiasts from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia to discover, source, commission and purchase the latest in contemporary design from around the world.


The event is complemented with extensive collateral activations that include a talks programme featuring global industry experts, as well as conceptual exhibitions by leading designers and bespoke networking events.


Returning to its purpose-built venue on the waterfront terrace in Dubai Design District (d3), Downtown Design 2021 will take place on the 8-12 November, within weeks of the opening of the Expo 2020 Dubai.


Zieta Studio will present their products and artistic objects among brands from over 20 countries as well as major national representations from European countries. You will find us in hall E, stand E22.


Dubai Design District (d3) Building 7,
Office 403A, PO Box 72645

Chippensteel 0.5 Chair
A tribute to the softness of metal

Chippensteel 0.5 is a chair that delights the eye, mixes the senses, and plays with perception. Made of steel, aluminum or copper, its form refers to upholstered armchairs designed two centuries ago in England – it is a piece of furniture that combines ultra-modern technology with a nod to the rich history of design.


Chippensteel is a perfect example of combining craftsmanship with the original method of shaping steel called FiDU, developed and perfected by Oskar Zięta. The two-dimensional form is cut from metal sheets and welded in this process, finally getting transformed into a functional chair using compressed air. In the final stage, it goes through a finishing process performed by a designer and craftsman.

G-Table Cosmos Granite

Tafla O Mirror

Triglav & Ultraleggera
A contemporary duo of art & technology
(2020, 2019)

Thanks to its asymmetrical shape, the Triglav candle holder, depending on the point of view, presents its different aspects. The geometric, pure form makes it a contemporary decorative object that will adorn a table and an elegant sideboard. It will impress with its sculptural openwork volumen – with or without the candles inside.


The Ultraleggera chair is a mono-object. A piece of furniture that was created both from the need to face the material itself and from the desire to emphasize its unique aesthetic and functional properties. It is a manifesto chair. Its final form and properties, implied by monomateriality, are like a lens concentrating complex issues from the fields of ecology, technology and economics.

Oko Mirror, G-Console, Parova Vase

Oko Mirror, G-Console, Parova Vase, Triglav Candelabrum

Parova Vases
Gracefully simple

Parova vases make up the perfect trio: placed next to each other, they are like a sculptural group, and flowers of different heights placed in them look like they were raised on ancient columns.


Each Parova vase is an alluring minimalist object in the shape of an obliquely cut column. Their design celebrates the simplicity of the polished stainless steel, ideally smooth and reflective. Thanks to this aspect, the vases gain a sculptural character.

Mercury, Triglav Candelabrum


TAFLA Mirrors
Reflective wall sculptures

TAFLA is a series of geometric mirrors of organic shapes of different dimensions. Their bionic shapes were inspired by the forms naturally occurring in the environment such as water drops, stones, pieces and shards of rock. They can be arranged in multiple sets that will give another dimension to an interior and will create a unique story on the wall.


The series is characterized by the unique forms – from bionic streamlined shapes to irregularly geometric ones. The free deformation process provides them with an extravagant elegance that reveals the true nature of metal.

Parova Vases

Triglav Candelabrum

This catalogue was financed by Go to Brand  3. 3. 3. programme – a part of EU funds