As process designers we’re not only aspire to design fabulous forms, its aim is to create innovative solutions which generate endless possibilities for development and usage. Zieta designs processes that are inspiring and lead to unpredictable results and forms.


Our technologies are the effect of specialists’ work in various fields such as bionics, sociology, architecture, engineering, Each project is a lens focusing on the knowledge that comes from many sources and sheds new light on the future


Innovation always arises at the intersection of different disciplines that create new quality. Design and technology is a powerful couple, which loses its power when it is separated.


What potential lies in steel? How light will be the architecture in the next century? How to transport large steel structures on Mars? In what process will society shape? These and many other questions correspond to each of our next project


Most inspiration provides us with the material we work - sheet metal or different metals. In our processes designed material becomes a partner, to whom we owe innovative technologies FiDU and 3+.


As process designers we dont endeavor to design great forms. The main objective is to create solutions that generate endless possibilities for the development and application. These are processes that inspire and lead you to achieving unprecedented results.


Free deformation allows you to create unique pieces. This is a continuation of the craft, in which the material and the craftsman taking its toll on the created object giving it a uniqueness


Our technologies utilize one of the most accessible materials on earth - air. With the additive method, the internal pressure stabilization structures are created with a unique ratio of weight to lift.


The free deformation is the heart of FiDU. Our technology shows the true face of the material that decides itself on its final form.


Objects with the highest coefficient of expansion will be the future of design and architecture. Thanks to its small size and low weight they will help in the colonization of Mars for example.


We obtain the knowledge from each stage of our work, from the material. Knowledge is one of the pillars of our business and the modern world because we share it during many lectures

Throughout design process we want to reach the best possible synergy between technology and design.

Our main goal is to deliver uniqueness and customization in design and constructions while keeping the production, transport and warehousing innovatively efficient.
This is how we imagine the future world: Light, durable structures of customized applications produced on demand out of one-of-a-kind parts, yet efficiently.
We use computer controlled production process. Customized pattern, customized form, customized function, one-of-a-kind product and outstanding precision are what we deliver.
You will find all of this philosophy reflected in our products. We research, we discover new possibilities, we play with forms and we deliver a beautiful, innovative, surprising outcome to people who love design and who care about the design development.
We believe our work is a valuable contribution to the world of design not only by the unique beauty of our forms but most of all by opening ultra-innovative opportunities of forming and new paths for the world of future.


Please enjoy our work

Zieta Prozessdesign Team

Oskar Zięta



Dr Oskar Zieta – architect, founder and CEO of Zieta Prozessdesign. Born in 1975, he graduated from the Swiss Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zürich, he has been working at this academy as a research assistant at the department of CAAD – Computer Aided Architectural Design. Oskar Zieta has been awarded the AUDI – Mentor-Price 2011, the Red Dot Award 2008, DMY Award for Innovation in production process 2008, the YDMI 2008, the German Design Council Prize 2009, the Forum Aid Awards 2009, technology Award – Materialica 2009, MUST HAVE Design Łódz 2011 and was nominated to the “Schweizer Design Preis” 2009 and the “Dobry Wzór” 2009. The Wire Magazine called his designs “furniture of the future”. His designs carved out their way into numerous prestigious collections including Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, Zurich Design Museum and the Baden State Museum in Karlsruhe. He calls his attitude towards design Prozessdesign and it is the name of his two studios in Wrocław and in Zurich.