Through a synergy of technology with art and design, we deliver beautiful, innovative

and surprising forms to people who love design with a story behind it

We push the boundaries between technology, art and design. We set our own rules and create visions for the future. In our work, what matters are interdisciplinarity, a synergy of disciplines, and research. 

Zieta Studio is a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, engineers and technologists. We design processes, whose outcomes are out-of-ordinary and uncompromising collections of fabulous abstract objects, public sculptures and functional collectable forms that deceive senses with their unusual shapes and qualities. Extensive research and experiments with metals lead us to achieve unpredictable results and uncover forms that are real but out of this world.


At Zieta we aim to create objects with the best possible synergy between design and technology. Inflated steel furniture, mirrors and accessories are made with FiDU technology – our original patented method of transforming metal sheets into tridimensional objects.