Expansion by Oskar Zieta at Warsaw Home 2018

THE POWER! This is the leitmotiv of this year’s edition of Warsaw Home design show taking place in Nadarzyn, Warsaw on October  4 – 7th. The power, especially the power of influence, has been an idea present in Oskar Zieta’s projects for years. He also is an official ambassador of Warsaw Home. This year, the eponymous POWER! will be demonstrated at ZIETA’s exhibition in Hall F, stand B8 as the power of development and a consistently developed artistic vision based on the proprietary FiDU technology.

Warsaw Home Expo

4 – 5  October, 2018,

Hall F, Stand F2.12

Al. Katowicka 62

05 – 830 Nadarzyn, Poland

“Expansion” exhibition by Oskar Zieta is a story about the development of the company, products, finishes and technologies. This is a tale showing where we started and where we are going, told through experiments, prototypes, objects and sculptures that led to the creation of new projects and the company’s evolution.

Unique top G-Table Ancient

Polish lands conceal many treasures. One of the most interesting is the Black Oak. This unique and native variety of wood was hidden at the bottom of Polish rivers and lakes for thousands of years. Now it is extracted and transformed by LUPUS 73 into a unique top for G-Table Ancient presented at the show. This magnificent table top will be displayed on a steel base in deep space blue color which was obtained thanks to thermal coloring.

An important element of the exhibition will be copper. This unappreciated by many people metal, accompanies us every day in electronics, industry, nature and even food. . What’s more, copper is an important element for design, art and architecture. Its unique color evokes emotions and brings life in to every interior. Together with the European Copper Institute, we will present a limited series of objects made of copper.

Table Luxury | G-Table - Parametrically designed table and Tafla Mirror by Oskar Zieta | Parametric | Generative | Design | Custom made | Tailor made | Luxury furniture | Interior Design | Architecture | Plopp | Stool

At the exhibition you will also see G-Table Cosmos colored in the same technology. It is finished with the noblest variant of black granite with a unique texture by HODER.

ZIETA objects look great in the company of other radical materials or delicate matter. This year, their style and elegance will be emphasized thanks to RIDEX fabrics. They will create a space that, thanks to the delicateness and lightness of fabrics, will ensure the appropriate strength of the objects presented. CALLA will take care of plants by filling the exhibition with blushing green energy, and ES-SYSTEM will provide lighting.

Luxury Inflated Metal Mirror | Oskar Zieta | Gradient | Colorized mirror | Design | Art | Furniture |