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photo Weronika Trojanowska


In 1957, Italian designer Gio Ponti created the Superleggera chair weighing only 1700 grams. In 2019, Oskar Zięta also took up the featherweight challenge. He introduced to the market a chair that is even lighter (1660 g) and at the same time stable and modern – the ULTRALEGGERA.

The world’s lightest chair

A chair designed by Oskar Zieta is built on an ultra-lightweight, durable frame made with innovative FiDU technology, with a laser-cut seat plus backrest. All made of one material – the highest quality aluminium. The whole construction is characterized by exceptional lightness – it weights a little over 1660 g.

photo Jakub Porzycki

Just one material

The combination of a huge dose of imagination with the original FiDU technology resulted in a project that is not only surprisingly light but above all forms an innovative response to the challenges of the modern world. It owes its low weight to the fact that it is made of only one material – aluminium. ULTRALEGGERA thus follows the philosophy of Mono Material Thinking and is fully recyclable. At the same time, it meets the premises of the Circular Economy.


ULTRALEGGERA chair is a mono-object, an essence of contemporary, innovative design that focuses not only on the form and function but also on the object’s future. It is a piece of furniture that was created both from the need to face the material itself and from the desire to emphasize its unique aesthetic and functional properties.

photo Marta Więcek

photo Marta Więcek

This minimalist seating’s structure was designed to give an impression of a standard solution. However, when the user comes into direct contact with the product, the chair surprises with its lightness and stability.


Equally, the lightness is a metaphor of its eco-friendly, recyclable aspects that make it part of the trend for sustainability and care for the environment.

photo Bartek Pawlik


The chair is available in the minimalist finishes that accentuate its formal qualities such as lightness and monomateriality. From raw to coloured finish, the ULTRALEGGERA’s classic form is enhanced and gains a unique ambience.



The basic colour palette features white matt and deep black matt, while the on-demand palette includes earthy, toned matt colours such as grey blue,  moss grey, beige grey and stone grey. All the colours were carefully selected by Oskar Zięta to fit the aluminium material and the form of the chair.

photo Ada Gruszka


The classic version of ULTRALEGGERA is the chair in the aluminium raw finish that enhances the natural characteristics of the material. The ULTRALEGGERA RAW’s slightly glossy structure with visible colouration differences on the joints is the apotheosis of its technologically-advanced production method.


Made of one piece of aluminium, it will fit the contemporary industrial style interiors. Next to its pure look, its main quality is the unexpected process of ageing. As in the case of all natural metals, the aluminium is the subject of oxidation, the process that slightly changes the aspect of the material. Thanks to this, the ULTRALEGGERA 1660 will record the passing of time in a form of the individual colour and texture.

photo Marta Więcek

photo Marta Więcek

Basic: matt & deep matt

White matt and deep black matt colour finishes give the ULTRALEGGERA a minimalist look. The white colour is a classic finish for those who enjoy lightness in every aspect. The deep black matt finish is strong and elegant – for the lovers of powerful solutions.

photo Marta Więcek

Anodic finish in two colours

Anodic natura and anodic black are two other options of the ULTRALEGGERA chair’s finish that give it a smoother look. Both are the effect of covering the anodized seating with the powder paint.


The anodic natura version mimics the natural colour of the aluminium, being at the same time sleeker than the raw finish. The anodic black colour is a layer created especially for this piece of furniture. Profound, rich and mysterious it will be a statement tone in every stylish private or public interior.

On-demand palette

Inspired by the metallic, mineral tones that give the ULTRALEGGERA an organic vibe. Created for those who look for original modern furniture that will not only last for decades but will be stylish in every setting, no matter the trends.


Please note that this palette is available for orders of minimum of ten pieces.



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