Trophy for ICON Magazine

First of all we conducted research on symbols of victory and several legendary trophies. We started to play with different forms and shapes through multiplying, combining, splitting, deforming processes. Our design process led us to a form that resembles… Icon Magazine logo which seems to have the victory in its DNA! Thanks to the unique trophy design the winner can look into the future through the prism of victory


Afterwards, together with the team of engineers and technologists we translated our ideas into FiDU technology and metal sheets which through free inside pressure deformation made out the final bionic form of the statue. Thanks to the FiDU process each statue each time deforms in unique way. Additionally, these trophies are ones of the first objects with open form created in FiDU that allowed next step in development of our ‘technology of the future’. Production process is linked with unique colors of each of the trophies thanks to thermal processing of metal which generates unrepeatable flame marks on the surface of each element.

We have worked on the trophies for almost two months. There is a special relationship between the draft and final project in FiDU technology. With FiDU technology we can only control key joining points of the geometry while surfaces and the negative space are result of free deformation by internal pressure. These are the moments when material takes some designer competencies and becomes a partner in designing process.