Zieta tables

We’ve created a new way of generating bionic objects. As a result, we are able to create one of a kind, elegant and gentle forms which at the same time remain stable, durable and functional.

G-Table Kauri is made of copper and ancient wood that has been buried in marshes of New Zealand for 50.000 years.

Steel in Rotation is a new way of designing and forming objects using FiDU technology and volumetric expansion. At the end we receive an artistic and beautiful, yet functional and durable object.   

The table construction “NOGI” and Kauri table top by Holzano is the perfect combination of materials the human race has been using for thousands of years – steel and wood.

Carbon Table was made in order to create not only one-of-a-kind product but especially ultra-light and durable construction. Turns out it is also minimalistically beautifull.

Concrete table tops designed specifically for our table constructions creates uniqe combination of toughness and sbutleness, aesthetic and functionality.

Trojak is a three legs table construction made in FiDU  technology with rectangle table top. It comes with three different lenghts and hights.

Table RABARBAR was designed specially for the opening of Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016. It’s a combination of FiDU technology and wood. Table top was produced by FAMEG.