Stellar material

Venue: Engravers House, Wroclaw
Date: June 2016

It takes years of hard work to fully understand the FiDU technology and be able to use it. It also takes many years to learn how to consciously work with the best and the most luxurious materials. The result of understanding these two aspects, the synergy of innovative technology and the features of noble material, is series of our objects in a limited copper version. To present them we prepared a special exhibition called “Stellar material”.

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We love copper, which, as a result of the combination of the forces of nature and human power, is not only luxurious, but, in our opinion, also magical. Copper, by reflecting its surroundings and oozing a unique aura of warmth and nobility around it, becomes a part of it.

Exhibition included our most recognizable object – Plopp stool. Plopp made in copper, despite the same form, is way different from the one made in steel. Besides, visitors had a chance to see our unique Chippensteel chair and whole series of one-of-a-kind hangers, including HOT PIN and KAMM.

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