“Laboratorium Rzeźby”, pl. Konesera 3, Warsaw, 11th July – 11th August 2020


NAWA is an ultralight, durable construction made up of 35 FiDU steel arches. Put together they create an open portal easily accessible from all the sides. Bionic form and high polished surface that reflects the surroundings create the effect of naturally growing sculpture.

nawa sculpture prototype

The NAWA sculpture is erected on Daliowa Island the smallest of over a dozen islands in Wrocław is situated in the primal current of the Odra river and is surrounded by both lush greenery and historic architecture. In the recent years it has been almost forgotten. Today, thanks to the sculpture, set up as part of the European Capital of Culture, the island can be reborn and remind the citizens of Wrocław about its presence. NAWA is a part of Daliowa Island revitalization which includes turning the island into a place full of greenery which would at the same time be a meeting place in the city centre.


Public Sculpture is an ultralight construction made up of three FiDU steel arches. Put together they create the effect of naturally growing bionic sculpture. KONICZYNA’s polished surface constantly reflects the surroundings and gives an amazing game of lights, therefore its appearance changes throughout the day.
Koniczyna is a naturally growing sculpture in the art focused development. Echo Investment, while searching for symbol of their development philosophy, got into cooperation with Oskar Zięta. The idea was to create a sculpture that merges the future, nature and technology, a sculpture that would bring added value and uniqueness to their new building investment. Operating on the intersections of art, design and science, Oskar Zięta reaches beyond the traditional definition of an art.

The weight of the ultralight construction was possible thanks to FiDU – the innovative technology invented by Oskar Zięta. It allows to distort the shapes of steel elements welded together. Thanks to “inflating” it with compressed air, the metal forms become durable and stable, maintaining its lightness at the same time. During their journey from the factory to the final destination, the profiles were transported in a compact position, thanks to their design, allowing to stack of elements. The optimized form, ultra-light weight and experience of Zieta Prozessdesign in the installation of large-scale spatial objects, allowed to shorten the assembly Inspired by nature,technologically advanced art.

KONICZYNA public sculpture by Oskar Zieta, public art, FiDU, inflated metal, öffentliche Skulptur, aufgeblasen metall, öffentliche Kunst



Crystals is an unusual installation consisting of sharply, concave blocks with kaleidoscope properties. Each Monolith containsa smart combination of geometric shapes and smooth, soft transitions. Polished surfaces bend reality, creating a stunning play of light and shadows. The light accompanies us every day, decides how we understand our surroundings and emphasizes the form with shadow. Its reflection and distraction allows us to change the way we perceive reality. Inspired by light refracting diamonds, the Crystals installation focuses attention both on the form and the effect of light reflecting at different angles. Crystals were presented at Museum Jerke (DE), Salone del Mobile (IT) and Warsaw Home (PL).


Alchemists claimed that mercury was the very First Matter from which all metals were created. Merkury is an object designed to give the spaces an artistic touch. It is a tribute to mercury – the only liquid metal. It was born out of a fascination with steel and passionate work with this material. It consists of heavy, silvery-white liquid metal droplets gathered in a round, shiny assemblage.
It may be placed on a ceiling or on the wall as an multi-element mirrored installation. It is a close relative of the Urban Frames sculptures.



Firefly sculptural lamps is a new artistic creation of FiDU. This technology of
unlimited potential has been used to make unique outdoor lamps ornamenting
entrance to Holm House by Skanska. Lean and minimalistic form has been
sculpted with air. The light, radiating from deep inside, reflects on the ventral
surfaces covered with a special light dissipating paint. The unconventional light
reflection effect on the mirror-polished surface and the way light comes out of
the lamp allows to get the best of form’s potential.



Design is like a lense, but instead of light, it brings into focus various disciplines.
From everyday life to hard sciences, it creates a new quality that redefines new
functions. Volumetric expansion focuses bionics, technology, design and innovation, together shedding new light on the world of tomorrow. Steel in Rotation
looks very fragile and resembles of origami. It is almost painfully symmetrical
and proves that zieta.studio creates objects which stand on the border between
art and furniture.

spindle sculpture


Another manifesto of FiDU’s technological capabilities – giving stability and strength to thin metal membranes through deformation with internal pressure. It is the creation of self-supporting forms that can be constructive themselves – the quintessence of the freedom to create new forms and new shapes of ultra-light, durable constructions. The Spindle, weighing 3 kg, is able to lift up to 2 tones of load. FiDU technology enables the use of existing materials in a modern and ecological way. Despite the use of the free deformation process, the sculpture is characterized by high precision.The Spindle is living proof of the possibility of creating comprehensive, tailored and at the same time ultra-light and durable forms in FiDU technology.


Gliederfüßer is a unique series of objects combining technological possibilities with the magic of nature. Their material is motion and the moment of its capture. They symbolize the pace of time and acceleration (development of human, science and technology).


In ancient Greece, the Cyclops helped Hephaestus to forge thunderbolts for Zeus and Poseidon’s Trident. Now their strength is reflected in steel once more. We created The Cyclops sculptures without the aid of any mythological powers, using the FiDU technology instead. This object was displayed for the first time at our Volumetric Expansion at the Polish Cultural Institute exhibition in Berlin, and its Polish premiere has taken place during the MMC fashion fair in the Warsaw Museum of Etnography. The Cyclop sculpture is like the myth that gave birth to it – it gets old, but does not die. In Berlin where it first came to existence, it charmed with smooth yet raw face. In Warsaw it displays the passage of time which granted it more dignity.


Another amazing object that impresses with its colours, form and has no actual meaning. It is mesmerizing and its colours are deep, cool might completely captivate the viewer. Oskar Zięta is a real postmodernist who undermines all the rules in art. The external appearance itself imposes a lot of associations that make the recipient interpret the work himself.



Crystals is a series of mirrored objects combining geometric shapes with smooth, soft transitions of inflatable metal forms. Polished surfaces curve the light, creating a stunning game of reflections and shadows. Curved mirrored surfaces allow to get lost in reflections.


Wir is a public sculpture which stands at the very centre of Galeria Północna in Warsaw. It’s the tallest sculpture in Warsaw and the first manifesto of FiDU technology made on such a huge scale. Its unique, steel form is a fusion of contemporary art with architecture and parametric design.

The Wir public sculpture is inspired by natural forms, fits with the visual assumptions of the shopping centre and enriches it with its own technological elements. The central location of the sculpture also makes it visible from all the floors. WIR was inspired by nature. It’s five wavy, intertwining profiles curl around it like streams of water. Its form references natural whirls, and its main characteristics – variability. Lean, tampering profiles give the sculpture a subtle, delicate appearance, despite its true enormity. The sun, shining through the ceiling, reflects beautifully off its myriad surfaces.

Wir sculpture Oskar Zieta