Sculptor 4.0 exhibition 2017

Venue: Narodowe Forum Muzyki, F0/-1
Date: 22 Feb – 31 May 2017

A presentation of design based on FiDU technology allowing to create extraordinary steel objects constitutes an exhibition of sculptures by Oskar Zieta. Visitors can see sculptures, prototypes and large scale mockups. Their extravagance, radicalism and aesthetics will please the most demanding viewers.

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Blow & Roll

Creative output of Oskar Zieta is the perfect subject for discussing art that nowadays speaks many tongues and appears in increasingly elaborate forms.

Oskar Zieta steps out of traditional definition of an artist by working at the contact point of art, design and science. His sculpting process consists of creating forms in software, digital manipulations and using a potential hidden in metal.

The exhibition in the NFM is the first public presentation of the sculptures, which will enrich Wroclaw in the spring. It will be made available to the public until the official unveiling of the installation.