Salone Del Mobile 2011

YOUNG CREATIVE POLAND: In Production, Fieramilano, Salone del Mobile 2011.

Curated by Anka Simone and Miska Lovegrove.

Our exhibition at the Fiera, curated by Anka Simone and Miska Lovegrove, showed our latest collection of furniture. The designs in FiDU technology are a part of a research on metal-sheets stabilization. Each of them discovers new features and material behaviour during the forming process by inner pressure. The unique bends and waves that will contribute to the world of ultralight, customized, short-series produced constructions are tested on the everyday products which are a perfect showcase of the innovative technology.

The topic of our collection is “Controlled loss of control”. In FiDU technology objects are made using only two thin steel sheets, by cutting and welding the sheets together and then deforming by pressure, to reach the stable form. The details and pieces are learnt and developed together by a team of engineers, designers, machines’ construction specialists, production technologies’ specialists, material science specialists, architects and artists.